a forgotten rainy day…


Isn’t it lovely when you are flicking through your photos and find a whole bunch you had forgotten you’d taken!

During the pseudo-holiday I took, in between finishing waitressing and becoming a grown up, for the first time in a LONG time, I had time on my hands to anything, everything, and if I fancied it, absolutely nothing at all. One of the things at the top of my list was to cram in as much time as possible with Lucy because at this point she was about to embark on her own adventure down to the big smokes (which you can follow on her blog) So we made plans to do anything, everything, and sometimes best of all, absolutely nothing, together. So I headed off to her neck of the woods…


Of course, we had been typically British, and piled all our hopes on the weather being glorious. And the weather was typically British and rained. But that didn’t really matter, we ate curry till we popped, we made up a dance, the name of which just isn’t really suitable for publishing (don’t ask), and found ourselves in a damp Knutsford, in need of a cup of tea.

Hidden away, down a pretty, bunting adorned snicket, is the Courtyard Coffee House. A quaint bicycle themed tea, house, with the biggest collection of penny farthings I have ever seen (probably the only collection I’ve ever seen). With generous helpings of home cooked food on the lunch menu, and a display of cakes which will take you at least 20 minutes to decide from, we couldn’t have stumbled upon a better spot to dry off in!

But for once, this post isn’t about the tea or cake, it is about the luxury of time. You’ll know if you read this blog regularly, when it comes to being busy or relaxing I go from one extreme to the other. And most of the time when I am relaxing there is a voice inside my head telling me off for doing so.  I don’t always listen to that voice, and as you read this, I am away at T in the Park, relaxing again with Lucy and drowning out the sound of that voice with live music, my best friend and, cider.



I’m not going to tell you how you should use your time, too much of that goes on for my liking! But, this is how I spend mine, flitting from one extreme to the other, and knowing that when I need it there will always be tea, adventures and Lucy. And if not all three, any one is good to escape with. There will also probably be rain, but even if there is, stumbling upon a photo of a forgotten rainy day, can be just as heart warming as a week in the sun, just remember over exposure in either of those situations doesn’t give the best results!

Live life & drink tea while it rains outside x


9 thoughts on “a forgotten rainy day…

    • Thank you! This was probably my first outing with my more decent camera! It is becoming addictive though! I am thinking that come September when I have finished my new show, and performed at Camden fringe, I might take a break from rehearsals and all that jazz and go on some sort of beginners photography course! And hopefully make some new friends out of it too! Now that I have moved I figured that would be a lovely way to spend some time! xx

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