how to weekend…


Stay up late and get up when the time is right.
Take your time over breakfast.
Cut your hair.
Shop for those things that you don’t really need but make you happy in the small ways.
Enjoy your Chai latte in properly – for an hour, hidden in a corner and…
With a cookie that you denied yourself all week.
Invite Friends round, spontaneously and panic buy too much food.
Play with your hair.
Read a magazine in the park.
Earl Grey in the morning, peppermint in the afternoon.
Bake. Cook. Eat.
Stream film after film, preferably with Emma Stone in.
Do your hair and make up even though you’re not sure you’re going anywhere.
Listen to those songs that make you happy, even if they aren’t cool or are the kind of happy-sad happy.
Stop feeling guilty, or lonely or sad.
Stop telling yourself that you need to loose weight, work harder, be better.
Realise that a day can feel like a week if you need it to.
And that it can be a good or a bad week, and that you can decide which way it goes.
Make that decision.
And make it last, until next weekend.


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