morning monday… the sum of things as a whole


Morning everyone! How are you?

I have to confess, I am pretty glad it is a new week. I suffered massively from post festival blues last week, but finally feel like I have snapped out of it!

It was a pretty lazy weekend. I was stuck in that restless mood of knowing that doing nothing was doing me good, but also craving a bit of company.

That has been one of the hardest come downs after the festival, is the reality of how few people I know in Blackburn.

In fact the blues in general set me thinking about seeing the bigger picture.

For the past three years I have tied my happiness pretty tightly to my career, like a very fragile rose, climbing a pretty equally fragile trellis. There have been times in the past couple of years when some parts of my life have been almost perfect, but because so much of my energy has been poured into my work I haven’t appreciated this as much as I should have done.

Now that my career is stable, and exciting and truly making me happy, I’m looking at those more neglected parts. And when I have done that, I have chided myself for worrying about those other parts, and then coming to a realisation that I am guilty of hypocrisy.

I have never understood people that get all their happiness from money and I am judgemental of those girls (and boys) that rely entirely on having a significant other to make them happy, and yet here I am, after several years of pouring myself into one area of my life, and realising that while yes, it makes me happy, it is still only one part of my life. Why should it be more justifiable to gain all your happiness from a career than it is a relationship, or a bank balance?

To me, being independent and driven and pursuing my dreams will always be up there on my list of priorities. And I fully intend to be incredibly selfish on that count for another couple of years, but maybe, while I am in a career sweet spot, maybe I should start spending a little bit of time and energy on those other parts of my life.

Little things, like taking care of my hair, which finally got a much needed cut this week, by letting myself take a weekend off to do nothing but dig out all those clothes that have been neglected and dusting them off, and wearing them when t friends, old and new visited.

I don’t think I will ever be a complete person, I don’t think any of us are. We are a work in progress. As we grow and change, different parts of us need our attention, our tastes and priorities change, and as they do so does our focus and our happiness.

So here is to appreciating fully, how happy you are in one part of your life, while taking the time to make sure that you don’t rely too heavily on one part of the trellis.

You’re the rose. Or something sickly like that.

Live life, every part of it x

ps. black and white photograph, for no other reason than I have been reading up and playing with my camera a bit more!


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