morning monday… shift/change…


Morning everyone! How are you this week? How was your weekend?

Not to be one of those really annoying people, and not to add to the millions of people across the world talking about how tiring Monday’s are and how they need a day to recover from the weekend, but Monday’s ARE really tiring and I DO need another day to recover from the weekend. But moaning and yawning aside, the last few days are exactly what I needed…

As I told you on Friday, at the end of the week I’m going to Camden Fringe with my show Love Letters & Other Pointless Scribbles. I feel like this has completely snuck up on me not only because of work but because of a few other distractions that I will get round to telling you about at some point. I’m not going to be too hard on myself about this, like I said last week, I don’t ever want to rely too heavily on any one part of my life to make me happy.

But what I think I had forgotten about, was just how happy certain things make me. If I am being honest, part of me was kinda regretting signing up to the fringe, I have so much going on here already, and weekends away shouldn’t be more work. That voice in my head was getting louder and louder, and then I got back in the rehearsal room.

Theatre is my career, it is something I get to work with everyday, but making theatre and performing is more than that. It isn’t just what I do it is who I am. And yes I realise how dramatic, and arty and pretentious that sounds. So maybe I will word it like this instead.

Some people love sky diving, it gives them a rush they can’t compare to anything else, others have to play competitive sports, otherwise they become moody, unbearable, they start turning everything into a competition. These things are peoples releases, their passions, they are what makes them capable of functioning normally in their day to day lives. That is what theatre is to me.

It’s therapy, it makes me refocus, it gets rid of all that pent up energy. When I’ve spent too much time worrying about bills or being upset about a guy, like I have recently, getting into the rehearsal room puts all those pieces back together in an order that makes sense to me.

So this is a heavily theatre and me focused post, but this is what the message is: if you’re feeling like things aren’t quite right with you, if you’re feeling like generally everything is fine but you can’t stop obsessing over things that wouldn’t normally bother you, don’t forget who you really are. Go play ball, book a bungee jump, find somewhere new in the world. Whatever it is that is your release, whether it is something you’re trying to make a career, or whether it is whipping up an amazing three course dinner, spend a little time and energy getting back to those things. Even if the thought of doing that feels exhausting. I can guarantee you’ll be glad you did and that all those pieces that were jarring will start shifting back into place.

Happy Monday everyone, live life & love what makes you you x

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