a gentle reminder and an awkward plug…


Warning the following post contains self promotion…

Ok I need to man up and just deal with the fact that sometimes I have to sell myself. In a completely none illegal or sexual way, although those tiny shorts may lead you to believe otherwise.

So this is a gentle reminder that this weekend I will be in London, or more specifically, Camden, for the fringe festival that is going on there! And I shall be there with my show Love Letters & Other Pointless Scribbles. I know I have already sort of told you this before, but I thought I would go into it all a bit more!

The show itself is about my nan’s Alzheimers, living up to her legacy and getting your heart broken. A lot like this blog, my theatre work tends to be about the ups and downs of becoming a real person! Not to be big headed but I have had some lovely reviews and feedback about the show, and I am actually dead proud of it!

It isn’t just a one woman show though (please stop thinking about the vagina monologues scene from friends why don’t you like me???) it is a party and a celebration of all those daft things we do when our heart has been a little bit trampled on. Everything from drunk texting to playing your break up song over and over and over again (mine is Whitney Houston and it features pretty heavily). We play pass the parcel, there is free cake, and a game of spin the bottle (no tongues)!

If you want to find out more about the show you can see it in all my official theatre website glory here, including links to all the reviews.

There is also the heart break jukebox playlist on youtube here – Leave a comment on this post to add your song!

AND… if you want a taste of what the show might be like and how I see the world of dating you can read a few of my posts all about love here. These tragic tales of my bad luck are actually some of the most popular posts I have ever written!

Ok, so to summarise…

Love Letters & Other Pointless Scribbles will be at the Lov’edu Gallery in Camden.

Saturday 2nd August 5pm & Sunday 3rd August 4pm. Tickets are £6 (£5 concessions) and are available online here. 

Please come along, it would be super lovely to meet some of you and I am free for most of the weekend for tea and cake and chats, maybe even a little bloggers meet up?!

Live life & love theatre x



5 thoughts on “a gentle reminder and an awkward plug…

  1. Aww I really wish I was in London this weekend so I could see your show, it sounds awesome. If last minute tickets down there didn’t cost a small fortune I would have been a proper blogger stalker and come down to see it! I hope it all goes well and you have a fantastic weekend. xx

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