everything else is a bonus…


I’ve had a little epiphany lately. In case you hadn’t realised we’re in August already. At the end of this month summer will be over and I will turn 24. I want you to understand I don’t mean that as a negative thing but birthdays and seasons changing are occasion enough to make you stop and think about time.

I’ve been having an amazing time lately, a time that couldn’t be more different to the bad times last summer, and a time that rivals the good times from last summer.

This month I am probably going to be talking a lot about everything that has happened since my 23rd birthday,and I have even promised Hannah a video blog before I turn 24. So brace yourself for that one.

But for now let’s not even go as far back as last August, let’s just look at 2014.

I started 2014 as a waitress. Literally that’s what I was doing when the clock struck midnight. I was lost, I had no idea what I was going to do with my life. Now? Now I have a job, a flat and a direction. And we’ll I figure that anything else good that happens this year is a bonus!

Maybe I should put this into context… I was worrying that I hadn’t worked hard enough lately on my own theatre stuff, I began feeling that same stressful knot and loosing sleep. For a moment it felt like everything was lost. The tasks I had to do kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger and then… Hannah came over spontaneously one night, we ate, drank wine and reminisced sitting in my lovely little flat and it just hit me that if everything went wrong this weekend in Camden, evenings like this would still happen. My life would go on. And while I might be a little down from time to time about this and that, those woes are nothing in comparison to the ones I have felt in the past.

Of course I want to work hard, I want this weekend to be a success and I want to make the most of every minute, but what I don’t want is to put myself under so much pressure when I have already achieved so much. And I don’t want to become ungrateful when I have so many wonderful things to be thankful for (n’awwwww)

So my epiphany is this, keep pushing, keep aiming for bigger and better, but remember the fundamentals. For me they are, in no particular order; my job; my family; and my friends. And on those days where everything feels stressful, just remind yourself that if the fundamentals are in place, everything else is just a big old bonus!

And I can guarantee that when you stop worrying, those bonuses are far easier to come by than you originally thought!

Live life & reap the rewards x

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