I missed Monday morning again! What can I say? It happens! Gone are the days where Monday’s were my weekend and now I’m a grown up living in the real world. Besides I heard Tuesdays are the day’s where it is really difficult to keep up the good vibes! And today, for the first time in a good couple of weeks, I am well and truly full of good vibes! I guess a couple of days away can do that for you can’t they?


Even if they are exhausting, and involve you giving your soul away bit by bit, through what seems like a thousand leaflets. I guess I should fill you all in a little more on how things down in Camden went shouldn’t I? Well they went well, thanks for asking. I know that probably isn’t the grand statement you were expecting, but in truth there are no grand statements to be made. Like I said on Saturday, I really relished going somewhere to perform and feeling no pressure whatsoever. I hadn’t booked for any press to come along and I no longer have to pin the validation of my career to the success of every single show. Of course, part of me was disappointed the audience numbers weren’t higher, but the audience numbers could always be higher, and the Sunday show was significantly better than Saturday, but I’m not going to dwell on it. I can now take my time to work this show out, let it breathe and grow, and maybe even work on a weird and wonderful way of “touring” with it. So if this weekend wasn’t entirely about the theatre, what was it all about? What was it that finally had me waking up yesterday morning and feeling like me again? After weeks of the unshakeable blues – you know the ones, where you feel fine, but something just isn’t sitting right? – I finally feel like I’m writing a positive post because that is how I feel not because I am trying to convince myself that that is how I feel.


I guess it comes down to no more than this. I spent three days busy with things that are out of the norm. It was a break from the routine thought process I had fallen into. And it made me realise just how much I would like a holiday, dare I say, may even need a holiday. A whole week somewhere new, where I can wake up every day to a leisurely breakfast. Maybe some granola and yoghurt…

One of the things I’m really looking forward to is being able to concentrate on just the one thing at a time. I’ve been running in a thousand directions for three years now, from one job to the next, after one dream and another. Now things are on track, chugging along, I no longer have to chase the dream, I’m just jogging along side it. Keeping up, ticking along. Knowing me in six months this won’t be enough and I will kick things up a gear but for now I’m going to concentrate on all those other ‘life things’ I’ve neglected. Travelling, learning to drive, maybe even putting some money to one side, saving for something.

So those are my words of wisdom for you today, breaking routine gives you a little perspective, and a holiday would be nice. Not ground breaking, but who wants ground breaking on a Tuesday?

Live life & get a change of scenery every now and then x


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