Please tell me I’m not the only person who starts Monday saying ‘right, this is the week I get healthy/I start the diet/ I go running’ and ends Monday sat on the couch with a face full of and covered in food?

Thank god. Moving on.

The thing I find is I’m too quick to excuse myself, and then once I have excused myself I sabotage myself.

“Well I did walk for 40 minutes up hill today so this cookies isn’t going to do too much harm”

Eats cookie, 5 minutes later…

“Why did I do that, I have ruined my good eating for today now, ok I will just start tomorrow, oh but hang on, there is still the packet of cookies open in the cupboard, what if I do the same thing tomorrow? Well, I might as well just eat all of them now, seen as how today is ruined any way, and then I won’t eat them tomorrow”

You know, the usual?

But some times I get to the point where the excuses just don’t cut it any more, and my body is screaming for me to stop. Not just because of how I look but how I feel. Tired, sickly, generally groggy.

I have finally hit that point, after months of short healthy spurts followed by weeks of excuses and cookies.

And I am battling my usual ‘diet’ (hate that word, I don’t calorie count, I don’t believe in fads) failure routine by turning it into a challenge. You know I love a good food challenge!

So my two prong healthy eating battle plan is this:

First up, no cake until I turn 24 on August 31st. I don’t really think this needs explaining.

Secondly, and this is genius…


The Invincibestibles Open Food Diary

So myself and Lucy – the invincibestibles (invincible besties) – are telling each other everything we eat as we eat it. An instant open food diary. Doesn’t sound too ground breaking right? But here is why this is so genius:

  1. It gets rid of those excuses – if you have to be honest with some one else you have to be honest with yourself
  2. It stops the crazy thoughts – it is easy to go either way with diets, either you end up sabotaging yourself like I mentioned earlier, or and perhaps even worse, you get into that crazy mindset where food becomes ‘evil.’ Not only are we making sure we don’t eat too much naughtiness, we also make sure we eat enough good stuff
  3. The punishments – If I slip up, and have a biscuit with my afternoon cuppa for example, when I tell Lucy she gets to choose a punishment. So one biscuit = 5 minutes of dancing around to Taylor Swift like a maniac. So not really a punishment but a good way of balancing food/exercise/good old fashioned fun.

And that is it in a nutshell. Obviously the key is that me and Lucy are super honest and supportive of one another. The other thing to make clear is that while we would both like to drop a pound or two, neither of us NEED to, and for both of us, it is more about restoring harmony and health to our bodies!

What do you think? Have you been on a summer health kick? How do you stop yourself from getting into that defeated mind set?

Live life & eat well x

Ps. Some other things you might be interested in…

~ I’m eating as close to vegan as possible at the moment, Hannah’s 7 day plan is a big source of inspiration.
~ We’re also doing the 30 day little black dress challenge, join in here
~ I’m whipping up these Banana & Oat bakes to stave off the cake cravings, they definitely helped during Great British Bake Off, last night!
~ Over on Instagram I am keeping a bit of a photo diary of my main meals, I’m also using the hashtags #nocakeuntil24 #eatwellfeelswell and #invincibestiblesfooddiary because I am RUBBISH at making snappy hashtags!

Pps. Me and Lucy will both be blogging about progress, check out her first post about it here


8 thoughts on “#NoCakeUntil24

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  2. This sounds really interesting. I also like the idea of doing this together with your bestie. Cool bonding experience 🙂 I think I might need to follow you now and have a sneeky look at your instagram. I always like seeing what other people eat, especially if its mostly vegan. I myself am ‘only almost’ vegan and I think that is really good already, especially when it comes to being healthy. Xx Lou

    • Hi Lou, I’m almost vegan too, my rule is to be as vegan as possible at home (although I can’t shake my love for greek yoghurt) and then vegetarian when I am out and about! That way it isn’t too difficult to stick to it! I’ve been living like that for nearly two months now!

      My friend Hannah’s blog is great for anyone thinking about going vegan http://www.oopsimavegan if you haven’t already seen it, she is the healthiest person I know by far!

      Let me know how you get on, maybe we should start some sort of bloggers food diary!


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