morning monday… or that monotonous feeling…


Morning everyone, how are you this week?

I know my Monday morning posts are normally the space I use to pass on some motivation, to talk about how far I’ve come/how far I’ve got to go etc. but this week I am feeling like I have hit a bit of a lull with these posts.

I’m worried each Monday my posts are the same, because each Monday my life is the same. I’m not complaining, I love my life, but I’m just not sure how interesting ‘yeah, things are still good’ is to read, or write about for that matter.

It’s not that I don’t have plenty to look forward too, I do. In fact I go to Edinburgh at the end of the week, and I absolutely can not wait. But other than the day to day deadlines of my Job I’m not feeling like I have much of a challenge on my hands. Not like I used to, not like when I woke up each day and had to give myself a little motivational kick.

I’ve often spoke about life as climbing the mountain and I have pointed out in the recent past that it isn’t always a vertical climb, some times it is a uphill hike, and sometimes it is a stroll on an incline. I think that is where I am now, strolling.

It’s nice. I know in  primary school they tell you to use any word other than nice, but nice is what it is. Nice suggests unexciting, but not unpleasant. Nice suggests that you are content. And I am.

Of course you know, I get restless without a challenge or a project, so I have my health kick and I am pretty excited to share something with you on Wednesday that is a little bit about that, and of course I have some other mini challenges to think about, like getting myself all prepped up and ready for posting a video blog before I’m 24. I guess I am shaking it up a little bit, maybe my stroll breaks into a power walk every now and then, but I’m not sweating it.

I guess that is what these lulls are good for, using the time to shake things up a little and maybe that is what I need to do with this Monday post too! I’m not sure what that will involve for but I will get my thinking cap on and for now there are always pictures of lemonade to post.

How about you? How is your climb going?

Live life & drink tea x


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