today is tuesday…


Hey everyone! I just wanted to check in really!

I missed my usual Monday post yesterday, as I was still in Edinburgh (amazing, exhausting and a serious lack of photographs). IT was so good to be away and fully immersed in inspiring things. I’m not just talking about theatre – because obviously that is always going to be inspiring to me – but also being in a beautiful city, being with friends you’ve not seen for a while, even picking up a magazine on the train ride up.

As much as it was all exhausting it was also like a shot of espresso for my creativity.

If you read last Monday’s post, you’ll know I was becoming a bi wary of the same old post each week, and since then I have been doing a bit of thinking about changing things up a little here. I’m not talking a big overhaul, I just mean finding new sources of inspiration and new projects to talk about with you.

Theatre for example – I am so truly rubbish at talking about theatre here, but I have a plan brewing up, that should hopefully change all that. Then there is tea, when is the last time I talked about tea properly? And love? Well, I am feeling a little bit jaded about all that business at the moment, and I never want to become a bitter blogger.

Of course, tomorrow I am INCREDIBLY excited (capitals, entirely justified) to share my first ever guest post with you, and the first post for The Bloggers Food Diary.

So this is just me checking in to say, I’m not going anywhere and I am still going in the same direction, I just might take a slightly different route to get there.

Hope you had a lovely weekend, live life & find the inspiring stuff x


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