the bloggers food diary: a little of what you fancy…

I am really really loving featuring these bloggers food diary posts each week! I want to keep my introductions short and sweet, but let me just say, that I LOVED this post by the lovely Sarah from Daydreams of Summertime. I’ve been on the health kick for four weeks now, and my will power really started wavering in the last week, and it all comes down to that ‘denying yourself’ mentality. I don’t deal well with ‘diets’ when I ‘diet’ all I think about is all the things  that I can’t have.

But enough from me, Sarah says it better…


A Little of What You Fancy…

Firstly, I would like to thank Stephanie for giving me the opportunity to do a post about such an important issue. Today I am going to talk about my thoughts on dieting and how I go about staying healthy.

I think it is safe to say I have not always the biggest fan of my body. From about the age of eight when I was told by a family member I was fat I developed an unhealthy obsession with my weight and I started to comfort eat.  I should point out that I was not at all fat, in fact I was completely healthy but when someone else tells you differently you start to believe them. Before that point I don’t ever remember being concerned with my body, in fact I don’t think I even noticed it in an aesthetic way.

By the time I went to secondary school, I was a little bit on the chubby side and kids being kids, I got bullied about it. One day when I was about 14 years old something changed, my confidence was at an all time low and I knew I needed to do something about it.  This involved eating less and exercising more, but I made a point of not depriving myself of anything  so that I wouldn’t end up focusing on things I couldn’t eat. I made sure I was eating more healthy foods but also if I wanted a treat  that was OK – I just made sure I knew that I might have to work a little harder on the exercise to make up for it. I succeeded in slimming down to a weight I was more comfortable with.

Since then my weight has fluctuated, when I went to university I put everything I had lost right back on and had to go through the whole process of losing it again, but since then I have mainly managed to maintain a healthy weight. It was at university that I witnessed friends go on extreme fad diets, my flatmate went on the Atkins diet and lost about half a stone in two weeks, but the side effects were pretty grim, and she was obsessing about all the food she couldn’t eat and  put it all of her weight back on once she started eating normally. In my experience, depriving yourself of certain foods is only sets you up for a fall.

I am not saying I have never flirted with these sorts of extreme diets before, but they have never worked for me. I think when we start depriving ourselves of things, that’s when you end up raiding the fridge in the middle of night binging on a block of cheese! The only thing that works for me is to just pay attention to what I eat and be more active. I eat lots fresh fruit and veg I have quite a healthy diet, and I cook the majority of my meals from scratch (or at least my boyfriend does!).  The thing is I still like cake and I am not willing to give it up, but I also know that having it everyday for lunch is not a wise idea. I know it is a cliché but I really believe that everything in moderation is the only thing that works, that and exercise!

In this day and age when body image is everywhere and we are always being told we need to aspire to a certain ideal, we need to remember the only thing that really matters is that you are happy and healthy.

Sarah x


11 thoughts on “the bloggers food diary: a little of what you fancy…

  1. very well said! i have definitely done some crazy things to try and lose weight and they never work. eating healthy and exercising is where its at. its so sad though, that the media and society makes us feel this way about ourselves.

    • Exactly! When we compare ourselves to the media we are always going to feel like we are loosing, and yet we would never cruelly compare our best friends to those images! I yake this yoga class online and they are always saying, you drsrrve the love you give to others! Damm straight we do! Thanks for reading! And please feel free to email me with a post telling your story xxx

  2. Just found your blog through Sarah’s guest post and I am in love, it’s beautiful 🙂 Adding you to bloglovin immediately and hopefully will find time for a catch up!

    I definitely agree that the best way to look after your body (esp when you love food) is to make sure you don’t deprive yourself of treats and have a little bit of what you fancy. I used to be morbidly obese and was rather miserable because of it, I tried many extreme ways to deal with it, weeks of barely eating anything but lettuce but it just doesn’t work! Then I learnt about portion control, exercise and eating super healthily during the eat to allow myself to eat cake at the weekends (provided I’d been to the gym!) It works a treat! I lost 9 stone and that was 2 years ago now and I’m still happy and healthy! Cakes make me happy and being slim makes me happy and I’ve learnt how to do both 🙂

    Chloe x

    • Thank you so much Chloe, that whole comment has really made my day! And what an amazing story, I’m so glad I put together this food blogger series, because there are so many great stories out there, and so reassuring to know that the people reading not only have a healthy outlook but understand what it is like to have been there! Heading to spy your blog now xx

  3. I totally agree with you! Moderation is key! Deprivation is just crazy! I honestly feel better about my body and tend to drop a few pounds without trying when I make a deliberate effort to eat the recommended servings of fruit and veg per day (I get about half way when I’m not really paying attention). This automatically decreases the number of times I’m likely to reach for something sugary or salty for a snack, therefore I’m filling up on more fiber and less likely to be hungry later. Exercise is also so important, not only for weight but for your heart and bones! Great post Sarah! Off to nose about the rest of this blog!

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