what a difference a week makes…


Happy Friday all! How the devil are you?

This time last week I was posting about how much of a funk I had been in and thinking that sometimes you just have to surrender yourself to these moods. Admit to them. Talk about them.

This week I honestly could not feel more different. This Friday morning I am sat here with a secret smile on my face, just because life is good. Part of me thinks that in noticing how bad I felt last week I have been more aware of how happy I am this week. Mood juxtaposition if you will.

After all how often do we notice that we are ok? How often are we looking for extremes? When really the most peaceful times are those when you have a simple happiness.

Happiness that comes from a trip to the seaside, an early birthday celebration, a blue picket fence, a happy coloured t-shirt.

This week has been full of peaceful moments, moments that last week might have felt silent, flat, lonely, this week felt… blissful.

But I am gushing, when all it would really take is a list of simple pleasures…

Getting up for a run and realising you caught the best part of the day.
Coming back from a run and indulging in a huge bowl of banana bread porridge (porridge, soya milk, maple syrup, walnuts, sultanas, seen as how you asked)
Cinema dates.
New kitchen gadgets.
Wonderful guest posts and heart warming blog comments.
Signing up for an evening course.
Feeling the change of seasons.
Really tidying the whole flat.
New shoes and charity shop finds.
Getting ready for a birthday weekend full of friends.

I know that when you are feeling dark and twisty you can’t force yourself out of it, in fact some times that is the worst thing that you can do. And while I am a big believer in the power of a positive mental attitude I also know that when you’re dark and twisty it is quite easy to feel like you are being ungrateful, but sometimes simple moments aren’t enough to compete with life and hormones. Other times they are.

However you are feeling this week, I hope that you can find balance soon, that you can find a moment to yourself, and that at least one thing every day makes you smile, even if fleetingly. It’s worth noting. Maybe even leaving as a comment below?

Live life & enjoy a simple happiness x

ps. Thank you to Holly for reminding me that I am a positive person, and redirecting me to what life is really about!


5 thoughts on “what a difference a week makes…

  1. It’s amazing how quickly your mood can change isn’t it? I’ve had a few days this summer when I have been feeling really down for one reason or another, and always try to find something positive to focus on instead, Can be easier said than done sometimes though.

    • Definitely! Sometimes the harder you try to shake it off the tighter the blues hold on to you, then one night you go to bed, and just wallow it in only to wake up the next morning feeling on top of the world! Thanks for reading xx

  2. So glad you are feeling better! I have also been in a bit of funk lately too but now I am feeling much better now, probably because Autumn seems to be lurking around the corner which is cheering me right up! Also I have really been focusing on my photography which always makes me happy. I hope you have a lovely weekend! xx

    • Maybe Summer was just beginning to feel a little stale! I do feel like it has gone on forever! Especially as the hot weather started in May before I even moved!

      I’ve signed up to a fashion and sewing course in September! I am so excited, I’m feeling a little over saturated with theatre, so it will be good to indulge in a new hobby!

      Hope you have a lovely weekend too, it’s my birthday on Sunday so getting giddy now xx

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