hello 24…


If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that this weekend I well and truly milked the ‘it’s my birthday’ excuse to consume as much cake as physically possible.

I am now the grand old age of 24.

So no need to work out a new name for my blog just yet. In fact there is no pressure to really work anything out just at present.

I remember last year a friend of mine, reached 24, and really struggled with it. For them it seemed like a real land mark age. I guess 24 does have a certain gravitas to it, there is no denying I am now mid twenties. I know that by my age people have met the love of their lives, bought houses, or at the very least a car.

I can’t even drive, but that doesn’t bother me.

I’m a big believer in measuring your life in your own way. I know that when the time is right things will fall into place for me.

Besides I’ve had my share of quarter life crisis’s already, I think I am due a break from worrying about it.

So for me 24, wasn’t a wake up call, it wasn’t a milestone, it was just a celebration of friends family and living life. Does it freak me out, that this time next year I will be 25? Yes. A little bit.

Am I going to worry about it? No.

At least not until I run out of the party left overs which are currently overflowing in my fridge.

Live life & celebrate every year x

Ps. I did promise a video blog before I turned 24, and I might have missed that deadline, but there is one in the making I promise x


18 thoughts on “hello 24…

  1. Happy Birthday! And don’t worry, we don’t all have houses and cars in our mid-twenties – heck I still dont even have a license! (which is a bit sad, but now it has gotten to the point that I am convinced that if I learn to drive I will die in a car accident.. ever the optimist and all that!)

    • I honestly have never felt the need or the urge to drive! And I manage to tour the country with a show in a suitcase!

      Ok, erm, breathe, get a straw and enjoy your wine! While OBVIOUSLY you are gorgeous and not old, I can understand that 30 does seem a little daunting xxx

  2. Oh my gosh HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I saw all your photos of cakes and I’ve gotta say I was hugely jealous – it all looked so delicious!

    I believe exactly the same things as you, and by the looks of things I think you’re doing just fine without a car and all that stuff! Friends, family, and of course, cake are all so much more important.

    Just two more things – I cannot wait to see a video and you look so gorgeous in those photos!

    Holly xxx

    • Thank you, it really was an amazing birthday! In fact birthdays are getting better with age!

      I’m excited to do a video for you guys, although I must forewarn you it will be done on my mobile and it probably will involve an awful lot of ‘erms’ and ‘yeahs’ xxx

  3. I’m 23. No car, no license, no nothing. Your being 24 comforts me. Perhaps a year from now I’ll be slightly more successful…Actually, I only have six months. Oh well. Happy Birthday, and thank you for being content with your level of success in this world.

    • If you look for things to ‘fail’ yourself against you are always going to be able to find them! Nope I don’t have a boyfriend but I have an amazing group of friends, nope I don’t own a car or drive, but I’ve toured the country with a show I wrote, and am on the right path.

      It’s easy to focus on what is left to do but you’d be suprised by how much you’ve already done, and just how much more you can do in 6 months xxx

  4. Happy belated birthday! I am sure you have heard this from any number of people before me, but you are wise to avoid putting too much pressure on yourself. You are living life and learning lessons. As long as you keep living and learning, everything will work out in the end.

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