if the conditions are right…


I slept in again today.

When I first moved to Blackburn I got myself into an amazing routine of getting up much earlier than I needed to and starting every day with a little bit of me time.

I became a morning person, which is perfect because I’m a morning blogger.

So I woke up late this morning, I don’t really have anywhere to be until this afternoon, but I know if I had been up a couple of hours earlier I’d have been much more productive today.

One of the first things I thought about as I dragged my dreary brain out of bed was this space here. I didn’t have a post lined up and I didn’t have a single thought in my head that seemed worth writing about.

‘Maybe’ I thought ‘I will just skip todays post’ and then I walked into my living room and the natural sunlight was flooding in, I didn’t put the radio on like I usually do, I didn’t check my facebook feed, or my work emails, I just popped the kettle on and breathed.

I’ve not been making enough silent time lately. Every week is full of work commitments, and my weekends are booked up until mid-October. All exciting things that I am hugely looking forward to, but I forget how much I love a little peace and quiet.

Recently on a morning I’ve been waking up later and trying to fit in a jog too. My mornings are full of djs babbling on, running apps and mental to-do lists.  Mornings that leave me both pumped up and exhausted, and not exactly the right conditions for blogging. Or for thinking.

I will admit I have lost ‘it’ a little with this space lately, creative ideas aren’t coming as easily and I don’t spend enough time reading what other people have to say out there in the blogging world, so my new resolution is to make sure I start my mornings a little better, I make my blogging a little better, and I make me a little better.

Live life & make a little time for some peace and quiet x


8 thoughts on “if the conditions are right…

  1. I have been through many a creative dry spell, but they all pass in time. I will go for days without writing anything, and then suddenly wind up writing five or ten pages in an evening (I am a night owl and do my best work by the light of the starts). Given a little time for reflection and solitude, I am sure your creative energy will come flooding back to you. And in any event, your admitting that you cannot think of something worth writing about is certainly something worth reading about.

    • Thank you! I don’t think there is any harm in a little metablogging at times like this! I always find taking a little time to go back to basics and remember why it is that I blog, helps me get back on track and make sure each post is right x

  2. I am not a morning person at all, although last week I went rhough a stage of getting up much earlier than I needed which was nice. This week I have been too tired for that though! I know what you mean about having a creative dry spell. I get them quite often. Like last night I tried to write a post for my blog but the words just weren’t coming out properly so I gave up as sometimes you just can’t force these things! Have a great weekend! xxx

    • I have so many posts in draft that I have forced myself to write. They always end up sounding so pretentious, and meaningful – but not in a a good way in a bit like a 14 year old trying to be a poet way!

      Hope you have a lovely weekend! I’m going to Manchester again, I’m trying to tell myself I won’t end up back in Teacup, but I have been thinking about that cake all week xx

  3. I can really relate to this post. As a morning person myself I always find I am most productive during this time but I definitely need to work on just sitting quietly with a cup of tea, I am all go and I would like to slow down a bit.

    • Exactly! At the moment I am really struggling with finding the balance between getting everything I want to do done and making the most of every minute but at the same time not running myself completely ragged! Sometimes my body needs a rest just as much as it needs a run! Xx

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