morning fall…


Welcome to a very unoriginal blog post this morning. Unoriginal and probably at least a week late.

This morning I just want to say a big hello to Autumn. In the past I’ve never really appreciated the change to a cooler season but I felt like Summer this year, as amazing as it was, was also very very long. Maybe because the good weather started so soon, and maybe because the beginning of summer marked the beginning of my new life, which of course now doesn’t seem that new at all.

IF anything for a week or two things have felt like they were getting a little stale. My mood seemed to plato into ‘meh’ and all the BIG summer events had been and gone, T in the Park, Camden, Edinburgh. I was ready for a change of atmosphere if not pace.

September and autumn has really brought that for me this year, my creativity is beginning to buzz again in my ears, I have post ideas, and I am itching to tell you guys about a project, but don’t want to do it too soon. Must. Not. Get. Ahead. Of. Myself.

I definitely have the back to school bug, I even have a new notebook! Tell me is it too soon for wooly hats?

Live life & enjoy the fall x



6 thoughts on “morning fall…

  1. I think it’s been such a quick change into autumn this year – last week it felt like I could see the trees changing colours day by day. I do love this time of year though, (apart from the rain) it’s very pretty!

  2. Your post doesn’t seem late in the slightest, not to me at least. I don’t truly recognize the transition from summer to fall until the advent of the harvest moon (which is this evening, wonderfully enough). It seems somewhat more in keeping with the autumnal vibe.

    The chilly edge to the air is a good antidote to the end-of-summer funk. And as such, you should definitely break out your wooly hats as soon as possible. I will be breaking out my scarves as soon as the daytime temperatures dip below the 90s (Fahrenheit). The autumn chill may come in the evening, but summer still reigns in my town.

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