the bloggers food diary: green juice 2.0

Now as some of you may know, the bloggers food diary was born from the invincibestibles open food diary. An open food diary I am sharing with my best friend Lucy, making us healthier, happier and of course, invincible. Lucy is currently taking on the world down in that big ole’smoke Londonia, and keeping her own amazing blog A Thousand Dreams. With all this in mind it was only a matter of time before she had a post here too. So without further gushing, (Lucy, you’re amazing, I love you) here she is talking about juice on the go…


I am a big fan of green juice, I first came across this post from YourZenLife back in November 2012 (well, now I am having an existential crisis about how quickly time is moving!), I can always tell the difference in both my mental and physical state when I do wake up, make myself a green juice and head out to face the world.

However, sometimes, this just isn’t practical.

Living in London, life moves at a million miles a minute and those extra 15 minutes in bed can sometimes be the difference between being mentally present at work, and daydreaming of far off places which is why I have allowed myself one life change:

It’s ok to buy juice.

10681665_10154537979310324_1608709850_nEvery morning on my way to work I pass Tann Rokka, a gorgeous little coffee bar that I fell in love with the first time I saw it. However, it wasn’t the coffee I feel in love with, but the amazing, inventive (and reasonably priced!) juice options!

I don’t normally like to spend money on things like coffee and juice, I do it, but I try not to. But I have made a deal with myself that while coffee may be a luxury, getting my vitamins in a way that I enjoy is definitely not, especially when London can make my nutrition lapse in other ways from skipping meals and grabbing what’s quickest.

This morning’s delicious option was carrot, apple and ginger, and you know what? I definitely feel better for it. Do you have a favourite concoction I should know about? Love Lucy x



5 thoughts on “the bloggers food diary: green juice 2.0

  1. Carrot, apple and ginger sounds delicious, in fact anything with ginger in it sounds good to me. I have actually been feeling really sluggish lately and realised I just wasn’t getting my vitamans so I have been drinking more juices and I already feel loads better! xx

    • I know exactly what you mean Sarah! I got in from a run last night and felt so drained, but a big old plate of sweet potatoes, asparagus and mushrooms later and I felt ready to go again.

      But I’m not insane so I didn’t!

      Good food is definitely the best medicine though xx

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