I was there…


Happy Friday every one! How the devil are you?

At the moment I feel like I spend very little time, checking in with this space, even though I am posting regularly, having guest posts on a Wednesday, means it feels like a long time between blabberings!

So, this week, has been a funny one. After several weekends on the trot of none stop socialising, and weeks full of work, when I woke up Monday morning just looking at my calendar for the five following days made me feel exhausted. Not exactly ideal, and I must admit, it made me go into lock down a little, rather than starting the week with all the gusto and energy it needed and deserved! And I am looking forward to some guilt free down time after this Saturday.

Now looking back I’m a little frustrated with myself for spending Monday and Tuesday acting like the rest of the week was going to be a chore. I walked around in a bit of a trance, feeling useless, and like I had bitten off too much, when in truth, after the work day was done, I had plenty of down time, to prepare, and get excited for the amazing things that are filling up the back end of the week.

First up, I won tickets to see Clean Bandit and the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra on Wednesday night. They were amazing. I was a good girl and observed the ‘no photography’ rule (even though most didn’t) but the whole thing was broadcast, and you can catch it here on iplayer until next Wednesday.

Then last night I was a model for Drink & Draw Blackburn, which is an alternative life drawing class. Hence the slightly glammed up selfie at the top of this post.  Now. Modelling. Not something that comes naturally to me BUT it was vintage clothes, so I could hardly say no could I! And I actually really enjoyed the experience. For a start, standing in a pose for 10-15 minutes while a room full of people draw you is a whole new discipline to learn and appreciate. And of course, there is something a little liberating in saying ‘you know what, I do have the confidence to stand up here while you study how I look’ and even though there were one or two moments where I didn’t necessarily feel that confident, I faked it. And there is nothing wrong with that kind of fakery every now and then.

The photos are still being released, some of them I love, many of them I don’t but I don’t want that to cloud how much I enjoyed the event itself. And I am still on the health kick, so a) a month a go I would have been even less happy with my photo being taken and b) in a months time, these photos will have been and gone, and I will have moved on!

Today I’m working from home.

Remember the big and scary project I told you about before I got the new job? Well it all comes to an end tomorrow. As always I am guilty of not blogging enough about making theatre, but the big and scary project had more than one bump along the road, and the brief changed, and it all only really came together a few weeks ago. Now I am down to the last minute, creating a children’s show for tomorrow! I’m more than a little stressed!

Of course, it would be easy to chide myself. I took too much on this week. I should have tied myself to my desk. Shouldn’t have gone to the BBC, shouldn’t have modelled, but I’m not going to.

In truth, as much as I am looking forward to life hitting a steadier pace. I wouldn’t have given up any of the experiences of this week. Live music, posing, or performing tomorrow. For the simple reason that one day, I will be able to say ‘I was there’ or ‘This one time I did this…’

This week I’m making memories and learning lessons, and there are much worst ways to live life!

And I really had, better get back to it!  What have you been up to this week?

Live life & sleep when you need to x


4 thoughts on “I was there…

  1. Firstly – your hair and make-up is amazing and you look gorgeous!

    You have no idea how jealous I am that you got to see Clean Bandit’s special performance! I heard a bit of it on Radio 1 and oh my goodness they sounded unbelievable.

    Your big and scary project sounds like such an amazing opportunity! I can imagine you’re stressed but just think of everything that’s going to happen once you’ve done it! The feeling will be incredible.

    It sounds like you’re doing so well with everything and you’re right – there are definitely much worse ways to live life and this isn’t one of them 🙂

    Holly from A Branch of Holly xx

    • Thank you! You have no idea how long it took me to get that eye liner right! Now I sort of want to dress up every day.

      And Clean Bandit honestly were amazing, and the people they had performing with them, just wow, I can’t remember their names, but they were so good!

      In fact I have it streaming now. Orchestral music mixed with dance, is both relaxing and pumping me up to get this show done!

      Hope you have an amazing weekend xx

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous in that photo! You are right not to chide yourself, there is always room for some fun in our lives no matter how busy things get! My week has been one of those weeks where nothing seems to be going right and motivation is at an all time low haha, but I am off to a comedy club tonight for some much needed laughs and then I am going to London for the day tomorrow – both of which are going to cheer me up no end!

    Have a wonderful weekend! xxx

    • Sometimes we just have to surrender to rubbish weeks I think! And going to London will be just the break you need!

      I am going to do nothing on Sunday if I can get away with it, totaly regroup and refocus. It is going to be bliss.

      Have a gorgeous time, you deserve it xxx

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