morning monday… reaching an understanding…



Morrrrrrrrrning! How the devil are you?

So, you may remember a few weeks ago I felt like I had really lost it with these Monday monring posts, feeling like I was always posting the same old, same old. But this week something has shifted.

For a while I’ve felt a little stifled, like I had a lot of challenging things on my plate, but none of them were new challenges. It’s hard to feel inspired when your biggest challenge each week, is to reach the end of a to do list. Go to work, come home, cook, write a little something, think about that, consider this.

That isn’t to say that the things on my list aren’t challenging, they are, but they aren’t new challenges.

I’ve learnt something about myself, something that makes me worry, I may never be satisfied.

I’m not happy unless I feel I am actively pursuing something.

So even though my amazing job at the moment is all part of the bigger picture, I still feel the need to be chasing something?

I don’t know, part of me LOVES this about myself, it means I’m not happy resting on my laurels, it means that every day at work I evaluate myself, and work out how to get better. It is also a little exhausting and frustrating. I run myself ragged with constant pushing, or I drive myself insane with pent up energy if I try to just take things as they come.

Maybe there is no winning, but this week I’m feeling a little revived. Now I know this about myself, now I understand myself, I can try and direct these energies equally to where they need to be. Work, blog, theatre, health.

I very rarely share specific goals with you here, because I like to keep it open but this week I need to put those goals out there for the universe to see.

Work – This is the first week in what seems like forever that I have a full Monday – Friday at work. So my aim this week is to make the most of it, and get all those niggly little tasks done as well as the big ones.

Blog – This week I will be posting every day, Monday – Friday. It’s about time I got stuck in on those subjects and posts I feel like I haven’t had the time to do justice to over the summer.

Theatre – I’m going to spend some time this week evaluating where I’ve got to so far, and what the next steps I want to take are. I have a big plan for Love Letters & Other Pointless Scribbles but I want to make sure I do it justice and plan it out carefully.

Health – Ok, spoiler alert, I’ve just read this weeks blog post for The Bloggers Food Diary, and I am feeling inspired. I’m off to a big old reunion this weekend, food, drink, lack of sleep the usual. In preparation for this, I want to make sure I take no half measures with my health and fitness kick. Exercise every day, and getting back into the kitchen and being inventive with some healthy meals.

So I know the drill in blogger land, is to post monthly goals and review them that way, but I want to make sure I keep up the momentum, so I will check back in with you next Monday on how I did, if you don’t mind?

I’m glad I’ve reached this understanding with myself. Its made me refocus, and reach that zen point I’d been missing recently. What do you think am I doomed to forever be craving more? What keeps you from going insane?

Live life & climb mountains x

ps. Feel free to join in and add a your goal for this week in the comments!



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