Happy Anniversary Tea in your Twenties!


So last night I had a pleasant little surprise when I logged into my wordpress account!

Turns out yesterday was my one year anniversary! Now as some of you may know, I did start this blog about a year before that over on blogger, but it was a much neglected space, with the occasional ‘hey I did this’ blabbering, and one or two posts that hinted at what I really wanted this space to become.


When I switched over to wordpress I really started to concentrate on this spot of the internet, and other peoples too. Now, I couldn’t be happier with how this blog has turned out now. It has kept me sane over the last twelve months, kept me going, given me something to focus on when I felt like I didn’t have much else going on. I’ve played with templates, headers, css, html, photos, fonts, mobile apps, a new camera, videos, whatdyamacallits, thingymabobs, stuff. this, that and everything else.

One thing is for certain, running your own blog is a skill, and a serious commitment.


I never used to tell friends or people I knew about my blog. I guess I was worried there was still a stigma attached to it. Like I would tell people I had a blog and they would look at me with pitty in their eyes like I was some 14 year old emo kid who would, eventually, grow out of it. I, of course, was projecting, I guess, for a fair while, that is the type of person that I expected to have a blog.


Not anymore, now I know that blogging is as diverse as the people on the street are. That there are blogs out there for everyone, and if there isn’t then you should create one! I now proudly tell people I blog. I put it on my cv, I celebrate it on twitter and facebook. I take it seriously.

Not because I want to make money out of it, or because I want to attract advertisers and free gifts (although all those things would, naturally, be a bonus) but because I work hard on this space here, and while my reader numbers may be small, the people I’ve met in the blogging world make me proud to be a part of it.


In the real world I pride myself on the wonderful people I surround myself with, the ones I am lucky enough to call friends. I look at them and think, ‘D’ya know what? If these amazing people want to know me, I’m doing something right’ and today I think the same about the blogging world. Every time some one leaves a comment, and I click through to have a nosey at what they are up to, I think ‘yup, if this blogger took the time to read, I must be doing alright.’

I used to feel a bit out of the blogging community, but as with everything, it takes time. Your design will take time. Your content will take time. Finding the blogs, and blogger you love will take time, and them finding you might take even longer. But it is time that I have thoroughly enjoyed spending. This blog is a little extension of my world, like a nice little conservatory of life, one that I can pop into, observe, make notes, drink tea, a space where I can just be. Maybe that is a little over romanticised, some days this space is no more than a bunch of thoughts thrown at a screen, but they’re my thoughts, and this is my blog, and I wouldn’t be me without them.

Thanks for reading everyone, I hope you stick around to see what the next year brings!

Live life & drink tea, love, Stephie x


6 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Tea in your Twenties!

  1. Just catching up on my blog reading so I am a little late with this! Happy blog anniversary! It is such a lovely little space you have created here and your blog it one of my favourite reads! Your posts are so lovely and honest and when I read them it feel like am catching up with a friend (i hope that doesn’t sound weird!), I always look forward to reading them! xxxx

    • That doesn’t sound weird at all, that is my new favourite thing about the blog world, is now I feel like I have a little gang of blogs and bloggers that are an extension of my friendship group and the conversations we have! IT’s so nice to know that you can find ‘you’re people’ all over the place! You and yours included obviously! xxx

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