the bloggers food diary: Chloe’s story…

It’s Wednesday which of course means a new Bloggers Food Diary post! This week it is the lovely Chloe from New Girl In Toon! I have only recently blog-met Chloe, and it has been through these posts! When I first read her blog, I knew immediately that I wanted her to join in, so I’m so happy she is here with her story, and her tips. The other thing I am unbelievably happy about, is how every post we’ve had has tied a healthy body image up with a healthy lifestyle! Happy on the inside happy on the outside. But I will save my thoughts on that for the last post in the series (which may be coming soon, unless you want to guest post! Email me!).

Here’s what Chloe has to say…

Growing up I was different to the other girls in my class.  I was tall, round and overweight.  This is something that stayed with me through high school and into adulthood with me gaining stone after stone until I reached my 30th birthday at a very uncomfortable 19 stone and 7 lbs.

Being overweight is not easy, people look at you differently and it can be very hard to love yourself and have the confidence to walk through life with a smile on your face.  To my friends and family I seemed happy but in reality I cried myself to sleep most nights, sat in my bedroom in the evening binge eating chocolate and my feet were very painful from carrying excess weight.

By my 30th birthday I’d reached 19 stone 7 lbs and finally admitted to myself that I had a problem.  I was very unhappy, morbidly obese and longed to be healthy.  I started making important lifestyle changes.   It was hard work but I finally started to see results and I’m very happy and proud to be able to sit here today and tell you that I lost just under 9 stone and have now been at my healthy BMI for over 2 years.

I know just how difficult it is to go from being obese to healthy so thought I’d share a few tips with you that I learnt during my journey.

1. Be patient.  Weight loss is a gradual thing and there is no easy way.  It is not healthy to drop too many lbs in one go and it also isn’t maintainable.  Slow and steady is the way to go.

2. Learn to love your body.   Although I am now a slim size 10 my weight loss has left me with a saggy belly.  I love it though!  It is a constant reminder of how far I’ve come.   The most important thing I learnt during my journey is that there isn’t anyone out there who has the “perfect” magazine body.  We all come with flabby, wobbly bits – embrace it and love it!

3. Don’t deprive yourself.  I LOVE cake!  You only have to visit my blog to see how much I love afternoon teas.  I’m a big foodie and would be miserable if I didn’t have lovely food to look forward to.  It is so important to allow yourself treats as long as they are part of a sensible diet.  I tend to eat very healthily during the week and exercise as much as I can so I can enjoy a weekend full of food.

4. Portion control.  It’s crazy how many people eat far more than their body needs.  I always weigh out my portions of cereal, potatoes and pasta to ensure that I’m having the recommended healthy amount.  30g of cereal in your bowl may not look like very much but believe me it fills you up.   It’s also good to remember that portions in restaurants are a lot larger than portions you have at home, if you are full up don’t feel like you need to eat every last bit of food on your plate.

5. Learn to say no.  I will forever be greedy.  If someone offers me something yummy it can be very hard to resist.  But if I’m not hungry for food I have learnt to just say no.   I also save myself for the most amazing treats, I’d much rather have a slice of delicious homemade cake than a boring chocolate bar I’ve had a billion times before.

6. Move more.  Back at my heaviest the thought of joining a gym was unthinkable so instead I made the effort to take myself out on walks in my lunch hour.  Everyone has time to work exercise into their routine and every little bit can help.    Walking is so good for you and it’s lovely to get out in the fresh air.

7. Don’t get hung up on numbers.  It can be very tempting to start obsessing over how much you weigh or what clothes size you are but this really isn’t important.  The BMI is not set in stone and is just there as a guide.  If you feel happy and healthy at a size 16 then don’t try and be any other way.  There is no right or wrong body shape, you can’t force yourself to be a shape that you’re not, you will end up very unhappy.  Once I lost weight I realised that my weight is perfect at the very top of my healthy BMI and I have the same body shape as my Mum and this is the way I’m supposed to be.

For many many years I didn’t have a very good relationship with food or my body but introducing all of these things into my life has completely changed how I feel about myself and food and I hope that it helps you too. Chloe x


4 thoughts on “the bloggers food diary: Chloe’s story…

    • This series really has been amazing! So many reassuring and inspiring posts from you guys. Honestly I feel like I’m getting VIP treatment when I get to read these posts before I publish them, cant thank you all enough for getting involved! xxx

  1. Sensible but really inspirational advice. I love the idea of eating simpler during the week so that you can be a bit more indulgent at the weekend. Definitely going to adopt this

    • It really is a good rule to live by, I always try and balance things out, if I know I’m going out for dinner mid week, then I keep it simple for the couple of days before, or go for a run in the morning x

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