oh shooks, you shouldn’t have…


I owe one or two people an apology and I owe Emmy a big old thank you.

I’ve been nominated for the Liebster award once or twice before, and just never got round to doing it! So I figured, seen as how my blog (in it’s current form) turned 1 this week it was about time I got around to it!

Here are my answers to Emmy’s questions

1) What is your favourite kind of food?

I can’t lie, it is cake. In all it’s glorious, sugar filled, frosted, fruity, chocolatey, goodness. If it goes with tea, or coffee, or after dinner, or in a tine, chances are I will eat it, and ask for another slice.

2) The electricity goes off, what do you do?

Call my dad. I’m only just getting used to living alone. The other week the bulb in my bathroom went, I showered in the dark for a week before changing it myself. I was so proud of myself… and then the light bulb in my hallway went.

3) Your favourite piece of clothing?

I’m not sure I have an all time favourite. I wear a dress nearly every day, and I tend to go for vintage pieces or at least a vintage feel. Particularly anything with a 60’s vibe

4) You best childhood memory?

I’m not sure I have one that stands out. I had a very happy childhood, and will always remember family holidays, seaside trips with my grandparents and acting for the first time.

5) Do you still have any of your teddy bears?

Yes. I also have a pillow case my sister made me when she was 11. It has a horrifying picture of a farmer on it. No wonder I’m single.

6) Super power that you would have?

Actual super power? I’m really good at reading/understanding people. Not like in a super hero kind of way, just in a slightly better than average at listening to what some one is really saying kind of way. A super power I wish I had? Teleportation.

7) Book character that is most like you?

Oooooo, I would have to say Matilda. Not because I had a horrible childhood (I didn’t see question 4) or because I can move things with my eyes (I wish, can I change my super power?) but because when I read Matilda as a kid, I got her and how she would escape into her own little world. I think a lot about that when I am writing or performing, about how I’ve always been, and hopefully always will be, this little girl content with her book or her imagination.

8) Favourite colour (and why if you can?)

Turqoise. Indoors, outdoors, on my clothes.

9) Reason you started blogging?

The long or the short version? I moved to Manchester in a slightly bizarre situation, and felt like I was learning more about myself every day I was there, than I did in 17 years of Education. I also felt scared, lonely, inspired, optimistic and everything else under the sun and I wanted to document and share those things.

10) What do you most like about yourself?

In all honesty? I don’t know. I guess I’ve never thought about it. There are a lot of things I appreciate about myself, but I’m not sure there is any one thing I could put above the rest. I guess a lot of the things I do (writing, performing, observing) that make me inherently me, all stem from how I view the world. So maybe that? My outlook on life?

Thank you again to the lovely Emmy who nominated me for this (and to anyone else who has in the past but that I neglected to do!). I’d like to tag Sarah, Chloe, Holly, Lou and Lucy to answer the following questions!

1) What makes you inherently you?

2) What impression do you hope you leave on people?

3) If you could forget you’d had your heart broken would you?

I’ve bent the rules a little bit there, but rules are made to be broken! 

Live life & drink tea x


2 thoughts on “oh shooks, you shouldn’t have…

    • I know! It always ends up at the bottom of my list because I have this and that idea for a post and then it feels like I have left it too late!

      Kept my questions short and sweet, but don’t feel obliged in any way to answer them! xx

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