out of office…


Happy Friday everyone! Here’s to the weekend!

Normally I post on a morning, it is now 15.26. I hope you can forgive me? If you can’t, hopefully by the end of this post you’ll understand.

I’m not somebody that lives for the weekend, I don’t need to be, and I am lucky in that sense, but today I have taken the day off work, and this weekend I intend to take time off entirely, from thinking. Or rather over thinking, or second guessing, or over explaining as I am doing with this sentence.

I’m in effect out of office, and in being so, I hope to be more present than ever, exactly where I am at the moment.

I want to pay more attention to the conversation I’m in, instead of analysing one that happened weeks ago. I want to enjoy a slice of carrot cake for what it is rather than think about it in terms of calories and consequences. I want to wake up on a morning and run because I feel like doing it not because I told myself I should because, because, because…

I want to stop thinking of the becauses and the whys and the what abouts and instead just go and do and enjoy.

Look around your life, look around mine, I’m in an amazing place? Are you? Do you appreciate it? Do you notice it?

I don’t think I do, I think as a twenty something year old, I’m too busy dreaming about the dream rather than living it. We’re conditioned to strive for more, to make a decision on every day and rate it as a success or a failure. We study our lives like we are preparing to sit an exam on them, to meet assessment objectives, to make our way though the criteria.

My life isn’t a dissertation, it isn’t there to be evaluated. There is no A+ to chase.

Life IS about learning, and you learn by living.

So I’m out of office, I’m out, I’m switched off, for a few days at least, I’m just going to let things be.

And that is why my post is late, because I didn’t feel like writing this morning, but now I do.

See you Monday folks, have a gorgeous weekend. Live life & stop thinking about it x

ps. and if you need further convincing take off all your clothes, turn this up and dance 


5 thoughts on “out of office…

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