life simply #1…


Hey everyone, happy Friday! How are you all? I can NOT believe how quick this week has gone! I’m sat here with a fresh pot of coffee, an ear infection and a mild bout of insomnia, and I’m feeling pretty damm perky.

Well, perky in a bunged up, likely to fall asleep on my keyboard, may have had too much caffeine kind of way.

There has been a lot of chat around these parts about feelings and letting go and what have you, and you might have gathered for a while now my sights have been very inward facing. Spending a lot of time thinking. This usually happens when I don’t have much else going on, like y’know, when I was a waitress and all that, but contrary to how it might appear, quite a lot of stuff is going on right now.

So today I am taking inspiration from one of my favourite blogs, From Lucy, With Love, and doing a bit of a round up. I always love reading Lucy’s Loving Needing, Meh… posts, because they always so simply capture life from one week to the next.

This week life, simply, has been about…

  • Blueberry porridge to start the mornings, with a handful of walnuts and sunflower seeds thrown in for good measure and toast to finish the evenings with.  Ever since Sally admitted her love for apricot jam and peanut butter it has been all I can think about. Honestly are there any better foods than toast or porridge to make you feel all at home and autumnal?
  • Swimming with friends and jogging to country music. Ok, fact, I’m never going to be a push-faster-train-harder kind of girl. I don’t even like to think of exercise as working out. I already work hard on everything else. So what with letting go of stress this week, I’ve realised I like my exercise to feel fun. Jogging in the park, to country music, just because the weather is nice, or going swimming with a friend, just because you can, that is my kind of happiness work out. Even if it does give me an ear infection. I don’t work out, I happy out.
  • Work –  the project I work on has well and truly got under way now! I am so excited and stressed that my first season of programmed shows starts in two weeks! I guess that is where the insomnia has come from, but honestly? I kind of thrive on it, I’m a gluten for punishment. You an read more about the project and how I have been getting on here.
  • Sewing class! This week was my second sewing class. I was a bit tentative at the first one, and came away with that first day of school not quite sure what to make of it feeling, but I LOVED this week.  I’m very much new to sewing (you may remember this post) and my parents brought my sewing machine up last weekend. It is so nice each week to know that I have a dedicated three hours to concentrate on something that isn’t theatre, or writing, or work. It is very theraputic!
  • Going out and being young. Last weekend I ended up on an accidentally big night out. You know the ones? The ones that start small and end up being the best? Not much to say on this, but to say, you know what I’m twenty, and I like to have a drink and dance like a lunatic.
  • OK BIG ONE… I have booked to go interailing next month!  I am SO excited! I haven’t been on holiday in over 3 years, and never on my own! Yup, I’m doing the majority of the trip alone! Starting in Milan and making my way to Barcelona, where my friend, Sophie (who doesn’t have a blog, but definitely should have) will be joining me!  There are a lot of exclamation marks in this post, but I think you will agree they are justified? I have no idea what I am doing, and I am yet to book my accomodation/flights/special travelling credit card, so any help or tips, or recommendation’s are more than welcome!

There you have it, that is life this week put simply and in more than a few places, cheesily. What are your bullet points? I thought this would end up being a short post but when I think about it this week has been peanut-butter-and-apricot-jam packed (sorry, I couldn’t resist!). Hope you have a glorious weekend to look forward to, live life & drink pumpkin spiced everything x


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