Monday lunch…


Happy Monday everyone, how are you?

So as you can probably tell from the fact that my usual Monring Monday post is now being published at lunchtime, I have started the week off, already a little behind!

You see it’s all well and good having jam packed wonderful weekends, but sometimes you wake up Monday morning and feel like you need another day off just to recover from having days off! That is if you wake up at all, and don’t miss your alarm entirely, which I may well have done this morning.

I’m not going to chide myself for it though.

The weather here in Blackburn is hideous today, oh aren’t we all kicking ourselves for saying ‘I can’t wait for Autumn’and tonight I have nothing planned except a bracing (ie.short) run, playing with my sewing machine and spending some quality time with a book, a blanket and a blog. Who says relaxing has to be contained to the weekend?

As you can probably tell, my later than usual start and my foggy head aren’t exactly the perfect combination for creating ground breaking, motivational blog content but that is ok too.

I hope you can tell from my posts recently that I am feeling pretty content with life at the moment, and in switching off the worry voice in my mind, I’ve really begun to appreciate every little thing. Not to get too soppy on you but at the moment I am so grateful for good friends, little flats and cups of black vanilla tea.

And on the subject of being grateful, I can’t thank Sarah enough for featuring me in her new Sunday Spotlight series! I am always so happy and overwhelmed whenever anyone reads, comments on, or tweets me about this little spot of zen, but Sarah’s words honestly made me well up. I hope she knows that when it comes to blog-love the feeling is mutual! I won’t ramble on here, because Sarah has inspired me to do my own feature on the blogs and ladies that inspire me most, and you can bet Sarah’s name is at the top of the list!

There you have it, a very late, but also very natural rambling post about where I am this Monday, and if you need your own little boost, if you’re feeling a bit blue, or a bit behind, all I can suggest is taking 5 minutes for yourself, even if you are in the middle of a crowded office, plug in your ear phones listen to a happy track and take some time out. You deserve it.

Live life & take a moment x


6 thoughts on “Monday lunch…

  1. Just catching up on my blog reading now! You a welcome my lovely! I love this little place you have here!
    I can’t believe how gross the weather is now, it has done nothing but rain for the last two days. Boo to Autumn if it’s going to stay like this haha! Hope you are having a great week! xxx

  2. I know the feeling, I started this week off a little behind and I’ve barely caught up all week. That’s why, it’s Thursday and I’m only just popping by after finding your blog through Sarah. She’s got great taste!

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