1 weekend only just 12 photos…

This weekend I took part in the 1 day 12 photo’s challenge set by Emma from Photography for Blogs. Now as the title of this post suggests, I didn’t quite manage the challenge. And here is my excuse… my phone died. I know I could have used my proper camera but I was heading out to Manchester for the day, and I knew I was going to be out all day and most of the night too. Yup, pretending to be young and wild again. So instead I have 12 photo’s that sum up the majority of my weekend perfectly.

I started Saturday morning with a run in the park, I’ve really got back into my running now that I have stopped thinking about it in terms of calories, and also I find it much more bracing to run now that the air has turned crisp and fresh. What these photo’s don’t capture is that it was also very rainy and I was the only person in the park – perfect conditions for running and singing to ABBA ‘The Winner Takes It All.’

Me and Sophie then headed into Manchester for a very cultured afternoon of art and contemporary theatre. First up we found this hidden away gem, PAPER Gallery, over near Victoria train station. All original pieces, all on paper, all, sadly, out my price range, but well worth popping in anyway. There are also artists studios tucked away, and we got chatting away to an artist there but had to cut it short as our taxi arrived to take us to…

Z arts, for Word of Warnings, day out for the curious, Emergency.  A one day contemporary theatre and art festival that showcases the best emerging talent. A festival that each year, I chicken out of applying too. No idea why, I’m my own worse enemy I guess! But this is the second year, I’ve attended as an audience member. We road tested a new app with a walking history tour around Hulme, found a community exchange point full of treasures and unloved toys, then headed back to take part in a reunion with a stranger and witness far too many Wkd’s been drunk in an 8 minute dance to The Bolero. And I should point out that I took along friends that aren’t theatre makers or artists and they enjoyed it, maybe even more than me!

And that is when the phone died, until the next morning, when the battery was alive and kicking, but I certainly wasn’t. nd greatly in need of this…

Yup, I was in a sorry state. I just can’t expect to wake up fresh as a daisy after a wild night out anymore. We finally managed to pull ourselves over to Terrace in the Northern Quarter, for Breakfast at around 1 pm. And even then I wasn’t sure I could face it, but when I smelt veggie full breakfast it was like my soul re-entered my body. Perfect fuel for an afternoon vintage shopping.


When once again, my phone promptly died, before I could snap the cute skirt I bought, or the one thousand bits of home inspiration I found.

I really love these photos, and it was so good to have a challenge to prompt me into capturing these moments. As I’ve spoken about before, I’m weirdly wussy about taking out my camera or even my phone to snap up memories like these. Looking at these, also really reminds me how much I took living in Manchester for granted! I’m also quietly pleased that there isn’t a single picture of cake here, clearly widening my net when it comes to instagram!

This weekend I am heading off to London, and I will DEFINITELY be taking my actual camera along too, definitely good practice before heading interailing next month (eeeeep!).

Does anyone have any other good prompts or challenges they think I should take on?

Live life & capture it when your battery lets you x

ps. here is a photo of the missing hours taken from Sophie’s Instagram, I think you can see why there was such a dire need for a big breakfast the following morning…


9 thoughts on “1 weekend only just 12 photos…

  1. I trying to be less of a wuss when getting my camera out to capture moments and things. I invested in a phone with a really nice camera so I could be more conspicuous haha. I just want to take photos of things but i’m always confused about whether I can. The other day I was at the market and I love all the colours and flowers but I spend so much time wondering if it’s ok to take the photo… I should just ask I guess.

    Sounds like a great and very busy weekend!

    • Yup I’ve been caught out on the whole ‘just ask’ thing before! Normally at markets and things I ask onl to get blank ‘yeah if you want looks’ but you know the one time you don’t ask, some one will tell you off! x

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