a friday favourite… you’re not alone…


Happy Friday everyone how are you? Another week another new style of post! I don’t give people and things enough credit on here, so I am thinking every now and then of featuring a Friday Favourite!

I know I have neglected a few of my usual categories recently. Love being one – err, well, can’t exactly blog about a dating life that doesn’t exist. Tea being another – and I seriously owe myself a day of exploring Pennine Lancashire for delicous cake, and well Theatre… Now that is a bit tricky, I’m still deciding whether to take a break from full on touring and show making as I already work full time in Theatre now, albeit off stage rather than on it, or to dust off my circus skills and start juggling several different projects all at once again. In fact that is probably a post all in itself.

Anyway enough about the posts I’m not writing and on to the one that I am writing.

This week I’ve had a ‘very involved’ week with blogging. I’m hoping you understand what I mean when I say some weeks I blog without really thinking or engaging with the blogging community, and other weeks I spend hours glued to my bloglovin feed and commenting and tweeting on everything. It is like all things in life I guess, it comes in troffs and peaks.

This week I’ve well and truly been drawn right back into it all. Which reminded me, the best thing about blogging is that you’re not alone. And there is one blog and blogger in particular that reminds me of this. Long intro over and on to the good bit.

My Friday favourite this week is Sarah from Day Dreams of Summer Time….

Even when I’m not really paying that much attention to my own blog or bloglovin’ feed I check up on Sarah’s spot of the interwebs.

It was Sarah’s Sunday Spotlight post featuring my wee bog, that made me realise just how much I count myself as part of the blogging community nowadays. Sarah’s blog never feels like ‘some internet site’ I check, it feels like catching up with a friend. Whenever I’m feeling like ‘the only person in the world that feels like this’ I will read a post or a comment from Sarah and be reminded that nowadays the world isn’t all that big, that it is now totally possible to feel close to somebody you have never met.

It is also totally ok to drool over their gorgeous photography skills…


Sarah provided me with this photo ^ when she guest posted for The Bloggers Food Diary, and to date it is one of the most popular things I have ever posted on here.  And if you’ve ever read her blog, it’s easy to see why.

There is a relaxed chatty feel to Sarah’s posts, and when she blogs about her life and her travels it doesn’t feel cold or unattainable or ‘that’s nice but it isn’t real.’ Everything feels so honest and genuine and that is my favourite thing about her blog, that I really feel like I know her.

Sarah’s biggest passion in life is travelling, and when you read her posts that passion quickly becomes infectious, it almost feels like you’ve been there yourself and you’re reminiscing. Maybe you are partly to blame for the travel bug I’ve suddenly caught, Sarah?

Oh and of course, her love for tea rooms, cake and vintage things definitely appeal!

This post isn’t as structured or as fluent as I would probably like it to be, but I hope you can tell how much I genuinely adore Day Dreams of Summertime and I will summarise with this…

I want to say thank you to Sarah, I’ve been blogging for a while now but it wasn’t really until recently that I felt like a little community had formed, and she has definitely played a huge part in that, and I can’t wait to share a tea and cake over a table rather than a computer screen!

And I will also say, don’t hang around here listening to me rambling on about her gorgeous blog, go over there and find out for yourself!

Some posts I love are…

The Tower of London Poppy Installation
Any of the Weekend Scenes Posts
Blogging: My Story
And all of her Travel Tuesday posts

Live life & find the blogs that make you want to read ‘just one more post’ x

ps. all photos except the top one of my notebook are taken by Sarah!


6 thoughts on “a friday favourite… you’re not alone…

  1. Awww you are sweetest! Thank you so much for your lovely, lovely words! You have totally made my week! I totally know what you mean about going some weeks without engaging with blogging, I am the same, sometimes work takes over and I end up feeling really disconnected from the blogging community! Have a lovely weekend and thank you again! xxx

    P.S. I will reply to your email this evening 🙂

  2. Lovely idea and lovely post. I really enjoy both your blogs, although admittedly, I too struggle to keep up with my online reading! The friends I have made through blogging and social media, really does go to show how important a network it is and equally sometimes, how small the world really is. Thank you for sharing. xx

    • I completely agree, especially now I have moved to Blackburn, even though some of my best friends are only an hour away on the train, night after night alone in my flat can feel so isolated! And social media last Facebook only makes you feel like you are missing out where as blogging and bloggers invite you in. I always find your posts so life affirming in that there are people out in the big wide world finding it equally as scary and as incredible as I do! I feel everyone I know that they should blog, for me it is like therapy. In fact I am definitely typing up a post about why I write for next week xx

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