it might as well be tea time…


Another Monday, another sleepy head, and another late post. I really do have to stop pretending to be 18 on a weekend, it is killing me!

If you follow me on instagram, you might have spotted I was down in the big smoke, visiting Lucy, and squeezing in a spot of work.

I can’t deny it any longer, I’ve been bitten by the London bug! I know, I know, living there is a completely different kettle of fish to just visiting, and of course, in comparison to Blackburn, London is going to seem like the most exciting place in the world, but even though I am a country girl at heart, I just miss city life.

I guess being around that many people creates a thousand possibilities, and that is what I feel like I am missing at the moment. The possibility.

There are about a 100 post ideas I have in my head about this, so I am not going to go too much into it here. Instead I will say this.

Never in a thousand years will I ever regret leaving Manchester, nor will I ever ever regret moving to Blackburn.

And while there are a thousand possibilities I feel like I am missing out on, there are a hundred more that I have taken, and made the most of. Made a life of.

When it comes down to it, when you are twenty something, and living in a world of social media and comparisons, it is always easy to feel like you are missing out on something.

Yes I am missing my best friend, yes I am missing out on this show, or that show, sure I am missing out on a hundred nights out. But what aren’t I missing? What have I very much siezed, right in front of me?

London isn’t going anywhere. I, very much am.

And that is my empowering thought for today. Keep appreciating and making the most of what is right infront of you, because chances are, your not missing out on anything.

Happy Monday, live life & forget about the #fomo x

ps. that is the one and only time in my entire life I will ever put #fomo. Promise.


8 thoughts on “it might as well be tea time…

  1. I feel like I am showing my age here but what on earth does #fomo mean?

    And I totally know where you are coming from, living in a fairly isolated place like Aberdeen there are definitely people and places I miss on a daily basis, but I try to take a “grass isnt always greener approach” to those days when I am thinking the most about it.

    Happy Monday!

    • You’re not showing your age, just showing that you have class and respect for theEnglish Language. (but for future reference #fomo is fear of missing out!)

      The fear of missing out is ridiculous, and when it comes to, has no perameters! Sometimes a friend from my old waitressing job will write up a status about a new in joke from the pub I used to work at, and a part of me will genuinely be saddened that I’m not part of it.

      When in reality, I could not wait to leave and start the life I have now!

      Honestly, our own worst enemies sometimes xx

  2. Have to admit, but also wondering what #fomo means… I’m always outside the hip loop 🙂

    It’s easy to get stuck in a rut if the choices you make aren’t quite what you want them to be, so it’s good to take a moment and appreciate what your choices have given you rather than not given you. The whole, life is what you make of it and all that… have to admit it, it’s kind of true.

    Sometimes we have to make our on possibilities 🙂 I’ll never regret moving abroad but sometimes I can get bummed out that it wasn’t how I thought it was going to be, but now I spend my time making it into something I want it to be instead.

    • #fomo is the fear of missing out. But please please do not think I am in any way promoting the use of it. I fear it might actually have been coined by Justin Bieber and literally nothing good can come of that! I couldn’t agree more with making your own possibilities. Besides… the grass isn’t always greener is it? x

  3. Haha I just had to google what #fomo means, gawd I am so out of touch!
    I know what you mean though, I have a lot of friends who still live in Australia and I spent a lot of time thinking I had missed out and should have tried to stay over there permanently and that they were having a way better time than me, etc. Basically I had to have a word with myself because you know Yorkshire isn’t that bad! It is what you make of it! London is also a pest for making me want to up sticks and move there! x

    • Ok you guys not knowing what #fomo means has restored my faith in humanity and the English language!

      And believe you and me, Yorkshire definitely is not that bad!

      Just seeing people’s holiday photo’s always makes that tiny voice in the back of my head go ‘SEE I told you we should have gone travelling’ x

  4. I loved this post!

    One of my best friends is living in one of the biggest cities in the United States, and for a time, I felt comparatively isolated and stifled. But I am learning to appreciate the beauties that can be found in the smaller places, and to not put too much pressure on myself to fly the coup. The bigger places will be there when I am ready to take them by storm. Until then, I am content with finding a way to make my own way.

    Thanks for the empowering thought! ❤

    • You’re totally welcome. I couldn’t agree more with the big city jealousy! The city I used to live in is only 45 minutes away on the train and I still get jealous of the things friends get up to there, even though in reality I can still do all those things.

      The other thing, I in particular have to remember, is that actually I am doing so many more amazing things now than I was then, because I am a happier healthier person, and living in a small town forces me to get out there, rather than slipping into that mentality of ‘well if I don’t go to this, there will be something on tomorrow instead.’


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