1 weekend another 12 photos (and then some)…


So as I mentioned yesterday, this weekend I was down in London, partly for work, mostly for play.

I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve visited our big old capital, and there is a list as long as my arm of things that I should have seen or done, that I always come back thinking ‘next time’ but truth be told, I like to let London sweep over me, and just go about my days there as if I have all the time in the world to take it all in.


I had the luxury of travelling down on the Friday morning, and other than a quick meeting, I had the afternoon to myself. I was going to go to the Tower of London, but I ended up on the wrong Tube, in the wrong direction, so went to visit St Pauls instead. I even got out my proper camera and started snapping away.

When I posted last weeks 12 photo’s I didn’t really intend on this becoming a series, and I’m sure that most weekends won’t be as exciting or photogenic enough for this to become a weekly thing, but when you have buildings as beautiful as St Pauls it would be rude not to get your camera out wouldn’t it!


Before meeting Lucy from work, I went for a wander around the Seven Dials area (at least that is where it said I was on the sign post!) and pulled myself away from the designer shops opting instead for a well designed pot of tea in Timber Yard. I resisted a cake, saving the calories for the rest of the weekend, and if you take a look at Timber Yards instagram you will see that this took every inch of will power in my body to do! But my pot of perfectly brewed Jasmine Green Tea still felt and looked like a treat, and as I gave my feet a rest, my brain buzzed with creativity and I spent an hour and a half just writing in my notebook.


This being the main reason I never get any touristy things done in London. All those people and all that energy, basically always gets my brain all geared up, and I like to sit in a cafe and let it all settle in and fall into place. Whether that produces a life plan or a new show idea, or something that is a hybrid of the two, I guess, I find that more exciting than queuing for hours to see something from a post card!

Friday night was all about staying in and catching up. I know in reality it isn’t even a month since I last saw Lucy in the flesh, and it is barely a week since I skyped her, but still there was a lot to debrief on, and nearly as much pizza to nibble. No photo of this but imagine you, your best friend, pyjamas, and Ed Sheerans new video on repeat and you get the picture!


Saturday morning we took it easy before heading over to Sloane Square and taking in all those beuatiful classic looking London streets. I’ve been reading a really girly book recently, which is a London fairy tale and the streets of this area are the perfect setting for my romantic imagination! We hadn’t really made any lunch plans, and we were left wishing we had done our research, because in all honesty, the cream tea above, was actually a little disappointing! But Cafe Concerto sheltered us from the rain and it was interesting eaves dropping on all the London ladies who lunched there if nothing else!

That afternoon I was heading to the Royal Court with work. This was incredibly exciting for me! I’m a complete geek when it comes to contemporary British theatre, and the Royal Court is THE THEATRE for this, and I’d never been before! I saw The Wolf From The Door up in the attic space, and I honestly absolutely loved it despite it only having ok reviews! And I loved the building just as much as the show! It is sold out for most of its run, but if you do get chance to snap up tickets I would highly recommend it or just go for a coffee in the basement bar!

That night we headed out to the very cool Shoreditch area and ended up spending the entire night in the amazing Happiness Forgets Cocktail bar. Very cool, very intimate, and very dark, which leads to slightly blurry instagram shots of gin based heaven…


Happiness Forgets has been voted the 12th best bar in the world, so I think we were justified in spending our entire night (and the contents of our bank accounts) in there! Besides, the cocktails are only as expensive as everywhere else in London, and the bar men are probably better looking.

Yes, I just said that.


Sunday morning we woke up suprisingly perky, but craving brunch. We wanted to go to The Breakfast Club. We tried two,  both had HUGE ques so we ended up in Bills instead. And we had to settle for lunch, but it was still delicous and I’ve never been to a Bills before so don’t really feel like I was missing out on any ‘new experiences.’

My phone died before I could capture our visit to Spitalfields or Brick Lane market, but instead I will leave you with this photo. Which is how I like to imagine me and Lucy will one day end up…


I know my Monday morning posts are tired ramblings lately, but that is a small price to pay for two weekends on the trot filled with theatre, food and amazing company I’d say, wouldn’t you? Having said that my feet and my bank balance are looking forward to a much more chilled affair coming up, and I’m going to need it after this week, as it is the launch of the new (and my first programmed) season at work this Friday!

Fingers crossed that it is a moment worth photographing.

Live life & wear bold matching prints x

ps. posting on a Tuesday because I have so many things I want to blog about this week making the most of the creative energy stored up after this weekend!





4 thoughts on “1 weekend another 12 photos (and then some)…

  1. Great photographs! That elderly couple is the definition of fabulousness. As far as the ultimate way to accentuate those jackets, I am caught between her gloves and his walking stick. If I could pull of either of those looks, I would totally go for it. I hope I am that fantastic when I reach that age…

  2. What a lovely weekend! When I lived in London I had a bit of a list of all the things I wanted to do and places I wanted to see, the 5 years whizzed by so fast that I didn’t even get half of them done! There’s always so much going on in London it is more fun to just wander and see where you end up really rather than going in with a plan.

    I haven’t been back there for over a year now but in December I have a 5 day trip planned, most of it will be catching up with friends but I have purposely set aside a day just for me time, I feel like there’s places I should go but already I can’t decide what to do – I probably will end up just sitting somewhere with a coffee 🙂

    Chloe x

    PS The Breakfast Club is AMAZING but there is always a massive long line that takes forever to move 😦

    • Lucy is finding that to be so true, about living in London and still not having time to get everything done! And with that in mind, I’m not sure there will ever be enough time in my flying visits to spend so long waiting in line at The Breakfast Club.

      You’re never going to see and do everything in London, I guess that is the beauty of it! And I know I am guilty of tiring myself out trying to get everything in, and then don’t enjoy the stuff I do as much as I could have! xx

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