life simply #2…


I hope you can tell by the fact that this post is coming on a Saturday rather than a Friday, that this week has been absolutely manic! Yesterday was the first show of our season at work so I have been a serious stress head recently. Having said that I have been trying to balance that out with some down time, especially after having 4 weekends on the trot of visiting, drinking and galivanting, not to mention spending faaaar too much.

This weekend is much more of a dialed down affair. I’m basking in the little things like not setting an alarm, running in the park, a pot of tea myself and my bloglovin feed and then balancing them out with some lovely social things like seeing the incredibly talented Hannah perform in a play this evening and having the lovely Sophie cook lunch for me tomorrow. It is like the weekend is saying ‘and breathe….’

This week life simply has been all about…

  • Being alone in the evening, and being ok with that. Something I am learning about myself, is that I really like my own company, and when you have a crazy week ahead of you, it is ok to lock your door on an evening, and be a bit of a hermit. That way you have no one to answer to other than yourself.
  • Theatre. I could easily have just put work here, but it has been about a bit more than that for me. I get to learn so much in my job, and I’ve been feeling really creative this week despite having no time or energy to actually create anything, I have started writing something here and there, and I am looking forward to having some time to really start thinking about my own theatre work properly.
  • Train tickets, air b&b and not understanding hostel booking sites! It is only two weeks until I set off on my Europe adventure. Panic started to kick in about being disorganised and getting lost in France so I sat myself in front of my laptop and told myself I wasn’t allowed to move until my flights and accommodation were booked. The smug organised feeling lasted all of 12 hours, before my interail ticket arrived and heaped a whole new load of confusion on to me. Exciting confusion though, and if I do go missing, look in the best cake shops in Europe first.
  • Ignoring my head cold and ear infection and thinking I should really register with a doctor.

And that is about it really this week, it has definitely been one of those weeks where when I’m on I’m REALLY on, and when I do manage to switch off, I’ve been, well, asleep. How has your week bin? I have about 3 posts I started in draft and then decided I didn’t have the headspace to do them justice, so that is definitely on my list for this weekend, as is catching up with all you wonderful people out there, I don’t think I have ever gone this long without my bloglovin’ feed. So I’m popping the kettle on, and putting my feet up, I’m totally skint, so time to make a little spot of luxury in my own living room. Hope you’re as happy with your weekend plans as I am with mine.

Live life & and enjoy the simple things x


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