morning monday…that didn’t last long did it?


Morning everybody, how are we all this Monday? I am exhausted. I can’t believe how different I feel this Monday to last! Back then I was all bright eyed and full of fight, today the only fight that will be going on around here today, was the great battle to get out of bed this morning.

In fairness I did work all weekend. I even saw 7 am on a Sunday morning, and the extra hour the clocks so kindly gave us, gave me very little consolation.

This week I’m feeling the need to check-in a little with myself. Things have been absolutely crazy recently, what with work really taking off, working freelance with some children’s work and generally attempting to have a social life. I’m still avoiding, at all costs, chiding myself, or overly negative vibes, but I do think it is healthy to keep an eye on yourself, and making sure your priorities are where they want to be.

Here are the things that I feel need my attention this week…

Health and fitness… I’ve definitely over indulged lately, and boy can I feel it. I’m not weighing myself at the moment, again avoiding negativity, but it is less about the number on the scales and more about the fact that I feel groggy and run down. Lots of fruit and veg goodness this week, and squeezing in a boosting workout on a morning. Thank god for youtube now that the park is looking less and less inviting on a morning!

Finances… There have been some big outgoings recently, what with big weekends and the even bigger holiday, so before I go away I need to work out some boring old budgets. Also, is it a sign that I am a grown up, that when I look at my filing system it gives me heart burn? Those bank statements and bills don’t order themselves neatly apparently.

Travel preparation… I go on holiday on Saturday. SATURDAY. That is soon, really, really soon. So I have my accomodation, my flights, and my train ticket. I don’t have a case, a check list or any idea what the weather is going to be like. Did I mention I leave on Saturday? I really need to get a wiggle on.

Other than that I am ok, and in the spirit of balance and positivity here are three positive things…

  1. Work – I know I am turning into one of those people who IS their job, but it is going very well at the moment, and I am pleased as punch!
  2. Kicking the lonesome blues – I’m definitely started to feel settled when it comes to having a social life recently, and while there is no romance on the horizon there is always a friend, a visit, or a phone call.
  3. Being a book worm – I’m really trying to switch off more, and the one thing that is organised ready for my travels is my reading list, everything from reading up on nutrition and meditation to a good old romance. Reading is definitely what inspires me most to write, even more so than theatre.

How about you? How are you striking the balance between staying positive, and keeping in check? Feel free to post your ‘things’ in the comments below!

Live life & find a happy medium x


6 thoughts on “morning monday…that didn’t last long did it?

  1. How exciting about your holiday! Sooo jealous! I need to make health and fitness a priority too, I don’t know what it is about this time of year but I just want to curl up on the sofa and drink tea and eat biscuits and now i feel so sluggish! Have a great week lovely! xxx

    • It really is, now that the air has that crispness to it! I’m trying to combat this with hearty main meals and experimenting with ‘raw’ puddings. I’ve even had to switch my regular tea over to green tea, consumption of caffine was becoming that much of an issue! Hope you’re having a lovely week xx

    • Well my favourite book I’ve read this year is ‘The Rosie Project’ by Graeme C. Simsion, but other’s I would definitely recommend are…

      Bel Canto by Ann Patchett
      When God Was A Rabbit by Sarah Winman
      Never Let Me Go by Kazou Ishigurou
      The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer
      The Tigers Wife by Téa Obreht

      Let me know if any of these make it into your suitcase and what you thought! xx

  2. I should probably take a look at my grogginess, I think we’ve had a bit too much pizza lately. And with over spending this month and losing a months pay, we’re too short of cash to pop to the shops. Noodles for tea then!

    Come Friday, there’ll be veggies and fruities in my house for sure!

    • Honestly my colleague nearly hosted an intervention when I let slip I’d eaten cereal for tea for four days in a row!

      It isn’t eating healthy that is the hard part it is breaking with old habbits. I’m all about education at the moment, and arming myself with some nutritional facts is really helping me break the thought patterns of ‘oh I’ll just grab…’ and doing a little preplanning instead.

      And drinbking so much water I may as well be on a drip! Hope you are feeling less groggy xx

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