rearranging furniture…



There comes a time in all girls life when they realise, they have become their mother.

My mum is 4ft10 and a half (she’d want me to stress, the half) I’m 5ft 7. My mum was a beauty queen when she was little, I looked a little like a chimp. My mum wears glasses, and I have 20:20 vision.

I was never going to grow into Mamma J, in fact at 9 years old, I’d already out grown her. Physically, not emotionally (I hope I never).

But there are many many other ways, I am very much like my mother. Passionate, outgoing, confident, I can be stubborn if not as hot tempered as she is. I look for the bigger picture, I want more for myself (although probably not as much as she wants me) and we have the exact same phone voice, but it wasn’t until Sunday night, that I actually became her…

On Sunday night I started rearranging furniture.

You can’t leave Mamma J in the house alone without coming back to a completely new lay out.

We probably even have a similar sound track on (Hello, Whitney Houston and Diva’s of the 70’s), however unlike Mamma J I rearrange furniture over a glass of wine, she does it with coffee. So essentially, I’m my mother meets Bridget Jones.

My mother also probably wouldn’t see the same deep meaning that I do in furniture rearranging. For me rearranging the furniture on Sunday night symbolised making a shift in my life. Rearranging priorities along with bedside cabinets. Tidying away those bad habits along with the pots and pans that have been lingering on the draining board for just that little bit too long.

A few little rearrangements…

My bedroom… I wanted to make my bedroom into a place I actually want to spend time in. One of the things about living alone is that it is so easy to neglect your bedroom because you have the rest of the flat to yourself! This means clothes were being disregarded on the floor, washing was piling up, and it wasn’t an environment I could unwind in. So I moved the bed, tidied up, displayed my jewellery on a pin board, and stacked my bed side table with lots of good reading material. I want to be the best I can be, and feel the best I can, for me that means getting a good nights sleep, and spending a little more time on a morning putting together my outfit.

Restocking the kitchen… So since moving to Blackburn my attitude to food and dieting has gone from one extreme to another. What can I say, I’m an all or nothing kind of girl. This meant weeks of salads and denying myself anything that really satisfied me, followed by weeks of eating everything I could see. Not exactly healthy. So after a few weeks of breaking the pattern of negativity I had fallen into, it is time to get back in the kitchen, restock, and start making positive decisions for a happier healthier body.

Living in the living room…. Over the past few weeks I’ve bin here there and everywhere. I’ve spent very little time in my own flat and when I have it has been couched out on the sofa. Hardly what you would call living in my space. Little things like organising those bank statements, buying in fresh flowers, inviting friends over all help me feel more like I am thriving.

At the beginning of this year, I made the resolution to become the person I’ve always wanted to be. As 2013 struck out, and 2014 began, I don’t think I could ever have imagined I’d be where I am now. Thriving in a job I love and living in my own little spot of zen. There is no pressure to become ‘better’ by the end of the year, I am already so much more like the person I want to be than I was 10 months ago, I’ve laid the foundations, the big building blocks are in place, now it is time to make a start on the finishing touches.

Maybe I’m not turning into my mother after all, maybe I’m just taking all the best bits she gave me, and trying to make the most of them.

Live life & rearrange the furniture every now and then x



6 thoughts on “rearranging furniture…

  1. Haha this is so cute!! It made me think as well..after reading this I’ve come to realize that the way I make purchasing decisions/organize by clutter (organized chaos) is identical to mums habits…Funny thing, genetics! 😉 ❤

    • Thank you so much! No Mamma J hasn’t read this, I think she would call me a big soppy and tut a bit, but I might pass it on! It really is a strange feeling, now the year is drawing to an end I have so much to reflect on. Crazy long blog post coming soon no doubt! xx

  2. If there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that I will never become my mother. I would never allow it. On the other hand, your mum sounds like quite the lovely lady, so I think I’d rather turn into your mother 🙂

    The pin board idea is something I definitely want to add to my room. It’s actually surprising what something like that can do. I recently rearranged my dresser area (it’s really on the floor) but now it’s my space and I love getting ready in the morning 🙂

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