morning… Monday in Millan


Morrrrrrrrrrrrrrning all from one very happy travelling blogger!

I’m in Milan. Up to my eyes in coffee and croissants. Yesterday was pizza and cheesecake, today pasta and gelato. Can you tell I have my sightseeing priorities sorted?

This trip has already taught me so much about myself and the rules of life in general. Travelling here on Saturday was stressful and new for me, but I did it, I can do it. Is it daft how much a sense of accomplishment that gives me?

The thing is I know these things aren’t difficult, I just never believed I would or could do them. Travelling was one of those things I’d say I wanted to do but in the back of my mind heard a little voice saying “you’ll never make it happen though.”

I know I’m not half way around the world and Europe isn’t all that exotic, but it is a start. And I get points for doing it all alone right?

And being alone is teaching me other things. I can read a map, much to my dads (and my) surprise, I can sit and write for hours on end (not so much surprise), I can start up conversations with strangers. Hesitantly at first but I am easing into it.

Of course one of the things that has me on my back foot is that it only seems to be guys trying to talk to me… But that is another blog post, 2 posts actually, for another time when it has all processed a bit more.

As for Milan itself, it is definitely somewhere to see. I’m not in love with the place but I am glad I came. Again, I think I will save actual place run downs and reviews for posts all of their own, when I can upload the thousands of photos I took with my real camera. (Definitely one of my favourite things about being here alone, is being able to spend hours practising my camera skills and playing around with shots and angles).

But for now, there is more coffee to be drunk, an open house to explore and conversations to be practised.

Tomorrow Switzerland. Live life & wear comfortable footwear in Milan x


13 thoughts on “morning… Monday in Millan

    • Thank you Sarah! I really am in my own little way. Not so much crazy nights out but lots of writing and photo taking and interesting conversations with strangers! Going to post in detail about the actual trip in the next couple of weeks when I have time to process it all xxx

    • I’m in Geneva at the moment! Changed my plan slightly to give myself 24 hours in Switzerland, before France and Barcelona at the end of the week! I should stop eating breakfast and actually go do some exploring xxxx

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