life simply #3…


Hello wee ones! How the monkeys are you?

Me? Oh I’m… fine… truth be told I haven’t been great this week. I came down really poorly on Monday, and haven’t been able to shake that or the blues off since. This is the third post I have started writing for today but I’ve had to save the other two ideas I had for another time. My negative mood was seeping into them, and that isn’t what those particular posts were meant to be about. So instead I thought it was time to give myself a bit of a reality check. Why the long face? When life has so many simple pleasures. Pleasures that I have forgotten to take any real notice of this week, so as a reminder to myself, and in the spirit of it being Friday and the weekend here is another Life Simply post.

This week life simply SHOULD have been about…

A Sunday roast and a spontaneous trip to the cinema.

I know technically that was last weekend, but it deserves a mention. I got creative in my kitchen and came up with a delicious nut roast! This is my first year of being a veggie at Christmas, and well I plan on doing it in style, so over the next couple of weeks there will be a fair bit of kitchen experimenting going on (just an excuse really!). What do you think? Would you like to see some more recipes up here? More like this butternut squash pasta or not quite mushroom stroganoff risotto? Oh and the Hunger Games. Need I say more. I’m not sure which one I fancied more, Jennifer Lawrences side braid or Liam Hemsworth. Probably the braid, seems much more attainable and I like to keep my crushes real.

Radio 6 Music, and the sunlight on my sofa.

So I started rearranging furniture again, this time in my living room, and it really has made a world of difference. Being in furnished rented accomodation it is easy to feel like I’ve just dropped in without really taking ownership of my space. Moving stuff around, making displays of my favourite photos and magazines has definitely created a bit of zen. My sofa being next to the window makes it the perfect cosy spot for reading, writing, blogging, and drinking tea. So basically all of my favourite things. And I must be growing up, but Raido 6 Music is so much more calming on a morning than any of that modern pop stuff!

My morning Monday goals sorting me out.

I was going to put finally sorting my blog out on this list but then realised it was part of a much bigger picture. On Monday I posted about tying up a few loose ends and making some end of the year goals, and even though this week hasn’t been as productive as I would have liked, it also hasn’t been as useless as I thought. I’ve FINALLY finished with this blog design, after making one or two more tweaks this week (despite thinking I’d finished last week – apparently I hadn’t) and even though I have put a couple of posts into the drafts folder for now, the ideas I’ve had are ones I really really want to write. Plus offline… my flat is lovely and tidy, I’ve started picking up a few bobs for Christmas and even though I’ve not been able to exercise, or eat anything other than soup this week I have made a conscious effort to drink lots of water, and get lots of sleep, so that is a move in the right direction. Obviously a move my body was begging me to make!

Trips to Manchester.

Despite not being very well, I wasn’t going to miss Hannah’s latest play in Manchester for the world on Wednesday. So I finished worked, dolled myself up a bit and headed to Manchester. The negative ninny in me wants to say it made me miss some stuff there so much, the positive penny I want to be, says, it made me realise just how much I need to sort out my life balance. Despite the rail replacement bus home, it was a truly lovely evening, and there is nothing stopping me from getting a little more organised and doing it a little more often.

Going home for the weekend…

What does a girl really need when she has been a bit poorly and a bit blue? She needs home. And I am so excited to be hopping on a train back to beautiful York this evening. It was Mamma J’s birthday on Tuesday, and while we have nothing big planned, I know some down time at home will do me the world of good, and while they won’t necessarily solve the things that have been making me blue, it will definitely put me in the right mindset to tackle them.

What about all of you? How has your week been? Anyone else felt a bit down in the dumps? I think one thing for me, is that while it is definitely no longer a beautiful crisp Autumn, it is also just a little too early for me to be excited about Christmas. Pre-festive-limbo I’m calling it!

Hope you have a lovely weekend and can find at least one or two simple pleasures from the week gone by! Making this list has certainly bin a little pick me up for me!

Live life & accept that when your poorly it’s ok to feel sorry for yourself x



10 thoughts on “life simply #3…

    • Oh my gosh, I have the most delicous butternut squash and sweet potato tagine recipe in my drafts folder, but I didn’t manage to take a good photo! Blogger problems hey? I promise to share next time I make it! xx

  1. Ah so sorry to hear you are feeling down in the dumps! Hoping that a bit a of time at home shall make you feel better – it always does me the world of good -seeing your family when they are not just around the corner is worth its wait in gold – enjoy! I LOVE BBC6Music! My fave show is Lauren Laverne in the morning. Have a wonderful weekend lovely lady xxxx

    • Thank you sweet Miss! I completely agree, time at home is good for the soul, sometimes even when I don’t realise that I’m stressed, I go home and suddenly my chest feels lighter, and the knot in my tummy loosens.Just the site of the bar walls makes me relax. Nothing is as bad when you are home! Hope you have a smashing weekend too xxxxx

    • Thanks Jasmin! Definitely starting to perk up, I think I’ve ust had one too many nights in alone with a blanket recently! That’s the thing about this time of the year, far too easy to become a hermit xx

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