morning monday: hit the refresh button…


Morning all! Once again it is Monday, those darn weekends just go to flipping fast don’t they?

Hard up brutal honesty? Despite having a really lovely weekend and lots of rest, going home, wasn’t quite the cure all I wanted it to be. I think this particular batch of blues might be more about myself and my inner monologue than my surroundings and so this week, I am hitting the refresh button.

The thing with life is, that as much as I believe in the universe bringing you what you ask for, you have to actually make the effort to let it know what you wan. And I don’t just mean in a ‘oh erm, hi universe, I’d really like my life to be different could you sort that, thanks?’ kind of way, I mean get up on a morning and SHOW the universe you want to make a difference.

I haven’t being putting that effort in lately, I committed the cardinal sin of forgetting, that when it comes down to it, life is the way it is because on some level I made it that way. Sure I can’t whip up a handsome boyfriend like I can a bowl of pasta, but I can make the effort to get off my couch and meet people. I can make more time for the things I want, I’m the one who decides my priorities, who chooses what to spend energy on.

I am in control.

And yes, sometimes that sucks, because you get down and fed up and you have no one to blame but yourself, but at times like that you have to hit the refresh button. Stop blaming yourself, and start changing your inner monologue, from a constant bombardment of negativity to the encouragement you need to hear to make positive choices.

Do I know exactly how I’m going to do this? No. Do I expect it to happen over night? No. But I will get there, and if you are feeling blue, I hope you do too.

Live life & show the universe what you’re made of* x

*even if you’re pretty sure you’re surrently made up of 75% Orange Hot Chocolate and whipped cream.


7 thoughts on “morning monday: hit the refresh button…

    • Thank you so much! And that Hot Chocolate was incredible, it is from this cafe in Pickering. By no means the most picture perfect place, but they know how to do hot chocolate and to this day I’m yet to find a better slice of carrot cake xx

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