monday evening… the winter wind down…


Good evening everyone, how was your Monday? I missed this morning, not just my post but nearly the thing as a whole. I’m in the middle of a 12 day stretch at work so I clearly really needed my sleep today! Thank the lord for flexi time!

When I did arise, groggily and full of cold at 11am today, the last thing I felt like doing was writing. If anything I’m not only suffering, not only from a blocked nose, but also a blocked creativity. I didn’t feel very motivated or inspired, and even attempting to write a post in that vain made me feel like a big old phony. Sometimes you have to fake it till you make it, sometimes, faking it, only makes things worse.

Like the rest of the nation, I’m winding down for winter, tonight I came home, popped a big old comforting dinner in the oven and changed into the cosiest clothes I could find. I’m sniffly, I’m tired and I don’t feel like doing much else other than listening to christmas tunes, browsing the internet for those final presents and watching rom coms. I want to feel guilty about this, I do, but the truth is I don’t.

Not even about the chocolate bar I had on the way home.

It’s been a crazy, busy, and exciting year, those loose ends I posted about a few weeks ago are tying up nicely and actually I feel like it might just, be time for a rest.

My end of year resolution? No more unnecessary pressure (and to not eat all the mince pies)!

Live life & put your feet up x


4 thoughts on “monday evening… the winter wind down…

  1. Winding down for winter…. aaah, I can’t wait to get to that stage. I’m currently still at the stress about how I’m supposed to getall my Christmas shopping done AND work full time AND still cook dinner every single night!

    • I haven’t finished Christmas shopping and the list of things I need to do at work is as long as my arm! But I just can’t work up the energy to be stressed about it all! Which believe you and me, is not normally something I have a problem with! Grab a mulled wine, and give yourself at least 5 minutes to relax today, promise me? x

  2. I have the same holiday vibes! Especially with the sun setting so much earlier it’s hard to convince myself to do anything but watch a cheesy movie by the Christmas tree and let the night go.

    • Exactly! I’m coninvced that some one somewhere made a terrible error, and that actually humans are meant to hibernate, for at least the last two weeks of November and the first two of December xx

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