P1000941Hi everyone, how are you?

You might have noticed recently I haven’t being posting as regularly as usual and when I have been it has all felt a bit, well, samey. I’ve reached a point where I have had to admit to myself that I am stuck in a bit of a rut. Not just here but in general.

Ever since coming back off holiday, I haven’t really felt like I’ve been inspired or motivated. Lately, I’ve been really poorly, really down and really working. None of these things lead to the ideal conditions for blogging, or living, and I think I might just need a little bit of a break.

This isn’t something I’ve ever done before with this little space of mine, and it is breaking my heart to do so, because it feels a bit like giving in, but I know deep down that saying you need a rest is not the same as giving up.

My blog has become something I am really proud of, it keeps me in line, and acts as a reminder of what is really important. The fact that anyone reads what I post, or takes the time to comment on something, makes my heart swell more than you could know. Because of this I don’t want this space to become a chore, or to post anything I’m not truly proud of, that won’t do anyone any good.

This is me saying, I need to take a little time to work out what is wrong, and then hopefully make a move to truly fix it, not just apply a plaster.

So instead of going round in circles, posting content that is just the same old rehash, and not really good enough, I’m not going to post anything until I’m ready. I might be back in a couple of days, it might be next week, I hope it doesn’t take until next year but if it does, so be it. However long it looks like I’m gone, I promise I will still be around, reading your wonderful blogs, working on new ideas for the new year, and generally trying to find my creativity and all importantly… a little bit of zen.

Hopefully speak soon, and thanks for sticking with me.

Live life & take a break if you need to x


17 thoughts on “stuck

  1. Well I think there is something in the air because I feel the same way and the amount of other bloggers who seem to be saying the same thing is scary. I reckon this time of year just takes it’s toll on people – everyone feels a bit meh. I have to be honest and say I am thankful for the little break I will be getting on holiday, I really need to recharge my batteries and get my creative juices flowing again.

    Anyway’s take all the time you need, although what I am going to do without being able to read my favourite blog for a while I don’t know! I guess that is what archives are for! πŸ™‚

    Sarah xxxx

    P.S. I will pop you a quick email very soon about when your guest post is going live on my blog πŸ™‚

    • I have to admit this decision has been made a lot easier by the fact that so many of us seem to be feeling the same! It is definitely something about this time of year, I was hoping I’d be inspired to write up posts about everything that has happened this year but I just can’t find my voice!

      I am doing so much reading at the moment, and more so of peoples archives, as I feel a bit overwhelmed by all the Christmas posts lately! I was thinking of reposting some of the posts I wrote in the very early stages of this blog, when nobody was reading and I was over on wordpress, more to remind myself of why I set up this space in the first place!

      Your holiday will do you the world of good, without my little trip providing me with so many thoughts (and photographs!) I think I would have run out of steam much earlier than this!

      Wow this comment is probably longer than the post, but thank you so much for your lovely words as always xxxx

      ps. looking forward to your email, might be just what I need to see my writing somewhere else!

  2. I think it’s a smart decision. It’s the perfect time of the year for self reflection. I truly hope you find what you are looking for! And if you don’t – don’t fret. Because it means what you’re looking for is still on it’s way to finding you. Good luck πŸ™‚

    • Thank you! Sometimes you have to stop trying to find enlightenment, I’m sure that subconsciously my brain is making sense of where the universe has taken me lately, but I am just having to go on blind faith at the moment! xx

  3. Good luck. Sometimes it is just the feeling of wanting to write just to have another post on the blog. And that’s not what writing is about. So, smart choice! hopefully you reflect on this time of year and give us more to read! πŸ™‚

  4. I think that the entire concept of ‘blogging’ has lost a lot of its original meaning in the past few years, with every man and his dog setting one up and a few handfuls of people making some kind of career or success out of them. I think when you have to start forcing yourself to ‘come up with content’, then it’s pointless and the content becomes irrelevant and meaningless. A blog has always been and should still remain, a piece of the internet which is your space to express yourself and your passions, in any way which fits. Of course it’s wonderful if people connect with what you’re expressing and it can be a great medium to make friends with people too, but if you start writing, or posting things strictly for other people, to appease an audience, then its lost all meaning.

    So don’t apologise if you don’t feel like writing, don’t worry if you need to take a few days, or a few weeks, because, when you stop worrying about putting things out there that other people will be satisfied with, you reconnect with what YOU’RE satisfied with and there will ALWAYS be someone who enjoys what you put out there. Such as myself. xx

    • I couldn’t agree more with how ‘blogging’ has changed. Of course as a writer I want people to read what I am putting out there, but my creativity isn’t on tap. And there is nothing I hate more than when my bloglovin’ feed is full of near identical posts. And not to sound to synical but Christmas seems to have really caused a peak in ‘sponsored’ posts!

      I started this blog as a way of documenting what I was learning about myself and at the moment I’m completely lost, I’m sure in a few weeks time I will be able to reflect on all of this, and realise that the universe was trying to teach me something, but trying to pretend I understand where I am at the moment only gets me more confused!

      Thank you for your lovely comment! It is amazing how healing it is to just stop every once in a while, especially when there is so much support ad understanding! Blogging may have become a bit warped in many ways, but I wouldn’t change the community I feel part of in the slightest xx

  5. I think it’s a really great idea to take some time if you just aren’t feeling it. We all have times like this and I do hope you feel better soon. I’ll look forward to reading on your blog again when you feel ready.


  6. I totally see where you’re coming from and a break will surely only do one good! I feel that I’m most inspired and motivated when I do take a step back (in life in general) and gain some perspective or just some distance from the matter at hand. Hope you get to rest up and come back feeling recharged! Happy holidays to you πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much! The supportive comments people have left here have meant so much to me! I’m currently working on two end of year/ holiday posts. Slowly but surely getting there and I’m excited to throw myself back into this space properly in 2015 xx

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