morning blog… I’m back…


Morning folks! Here I am back once more after going on hiatus for just over a week.

When I realised that’s all it had been, I was shocked, it feels like an age since I was here, pulling my hair out and completely stuck, but as they often say, what a difference a , erm, week-ish makes.

In all honesty, I’m not entirely sure I’m quite back to my top-blogging form, BUT, it is Christmas, I’m home for the holidays, and what better way to reflect on the year than on this little spot of mine? So while I’m still not ready to commit to a full posting schedule again, I figured, who will be over the next two weeks!?!

But before I get to posting a festive message and a big old yearly round up I wanted to say a little bit about my time away. It wasn’t particularly monumental, in fact it was entirely mundane. 10 days of resting and gradually getting into the festive spirit. I guess I hoped, that the minute I decided not to make an effort to create, I would, typically, go into a bit of a creative flurry but all that happened was that I, finally switched off entirely.

In fact for a while I forgot I even had a blog, and I really felt that there was something missing out of my life, like I had forgotten who I was or how to be me. Something which brought me back to that age old question… Which comes first the creativity or the outlet?

One of the reasons I needed to go on a break was because I felt too much pressure to create, but when I had no reason at all to create, I felt completely unable to create. I said it when I was making excuses about coursework and I will say it again now, I respond well to a deadline. I need a real goal.

So to cut this rambling short, I’m ready to come back, to start dedicating myself to something other than a box of mince pies on an evening, and most importantly, to create.

And more importantly, I want to say thank you to everyone who sent me some love when I posted about going on a break, it really reminded me just why I fell in love with blogging in the first place, and why even though I forgot about my own wee space, I still couldn’t tear myself away from my bloglovin’ feed.

Live life & thanks for having me x


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