Merry Christmas!


Hello lovely, wherever in the world you are, whether that is tucked up in your pyjammas with a guilty sprinkle of mince pie crumbs in your hair (what? I’m saving them for later) or sunning yourself on the beach, I hope you are exactly where you want to be on this Christmas Eve.

Right now, my Father is decorating the Christmas cake in the kitchen, last year this involved lumpy icing, and some old plastic toys from our youth being whacked on top, and it was glorious. There are all the Christmas tunes on the radio, and I only have one more present to wrap and there is absolutely no wrapping paper left in the house.

Christmas in my family, isn’t some kind of Pinterest affair, it’s, better, it’s real, and I don’t have to spend hours worrying about my wrapping paper colour scheme (traditional if you were wondering – apart from the one I left, which is currently carrier bag chic).

Tomorrow is a small affair, just mamma and pappa J, my sister and my nan, and this is my first vegetarian Christmas dinner, which I’m seeing as an excuse to eat ALL the roast potatoes.

But before the big event, there is Christmas eve to savour.

I’ve always loved Christmas eve, the last minute panic, the settling into yearly traditions, the anticipation. For me Christmas eve is more exciting than Christmas day. I’m not one for going down to the pub on the 24th, I’m not even one for getting dressed on the 24th. Today shall be spent in pyjamas, sneaking treats from the cupboard and watching a many kids films I can get away with. Last year I was newly returned, to what I was beginning to fear was my natural state of waitress. I stood looking at the December rota and my feet began to ache just reading my shifts. I’d be working 12 days straight, starting on December 25th. But I had Christmas eve all to myself, so I sat with my sister and introduced my mum to love actually, and it is probably my favourite festive memory from 2013.

Because for me that is what Christmas is really about, yup, I love the food and the presents, but what I love most is being together. Together with family, physically, but also in the wider sense, that everybody is in the Christmas spirit together.

So I will say it again, wherever you are today and over the next few days I hope you are exactly where you want to be and have a very Merry Christmas indeed.

Live life & save a mince pie for Santa* x

*because I certainly haven’t!




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