Goodbye 2014


Hello everyone, did you all have a lovely Christmas? And does it feel like it passed in the blink of an eye? Mine did. I always get to the end of Christmas day, full to the brim with food and love, but also a little melancholy that is in fact all over.

And as Christmas passes so does another year. 2014. Wow. I’m not sure what the right words to sum up this year are. Unlike Christmas day, I don’t feel like this year passed all that quickly. Too much was covered, too much changed. So much so that January doesn’t feel like 12 months ago, but 12 years ago. But I will cover more about those specific changes in a different post, today I want to look back at all the amazing things that happened this year.

In 20 years time, I might not look at 2014 as being one of the best years of my life, but I can certainly say that I’ve done some amazing things, so without further ado, here is a super long list that was a failed attempt at condensing this year into a quick and simple list…

1. Performing at The Dukes

The beginning of this year, found me in a pub, not celebrating, but working. I was once again a waitress, but for those first two months that was ok, because in February I was performing the show I’d poured my heart and soul into writing and creating at a REAL theatre. I can’t really sum up how it felt to see my face in The Dukes season brochure (picture above), except to say it made it all seem worth it. It feels like a long time since I wrote anything about the hardships of being a performer (because it feels like a long time since I actually did any performing) but to sum it up, you don’t go into that kind of work for the money, you do it for the love of it. So whenever you reach something that is tangible success, something you can show to people (your parents) and say ‘look, I made it’ it is a big deal.


2. Tea in Your Eighties

When I look back at the first 5 months of this year, I was never really just a waitress, although there were weeks when it felt like all was lost. But just a month or so after being at The Dukes, I started working on a new project. One morning a week I met with a few other arty friends and a bunch of wonderful people who had in some way shape or form being affected by Alzheimers, to collect their stories, and do whatever we could to help.

3. I get by with a little help from my friends…

This has been a year of feeling very far removed from some of the people I love most in the world. Both when I was back home in York and now that I am in Blackburn. But not living next door to your best friends, gives you good excuse for weekend long visits and acting like a tourist in your own town not to mention the appreciation you suddenly have for those people and places! Whether it was discovering some forgotten photos from my time with Lucy, Hannah coming to York, uni reunions in Birmingham or visiting vintage emporiums in Winchester, once again, I don’t think I could have gotten through this year without the amazing boys and girls I have in my life.

4. And then I became a grown up…

In June 2014 I put my big girl pants on, stopped moaning about being a waitress and started a new job and life in Blackburn. It hasn’t all been smooth sailing, but I LOVE my job, and my little flat, and the life that I have built for myself. Even if I hadn’t done any of the other incredible things on this list, I would still look back at 2014 and feel like it was a real game changer.

5. Walking with Giants…

LOOK GIANT WALKING PUPPETS! I don’t think I need to say much more about this, they were breath taking to see! However, I do want to make a quick mention about Sophie, who since moving to Blackburn has quickly become one of best friends and with her being so damm arty, and me being all theatrical, we definitely get to go and see some flipping wonderful things and then digest it all over some late night Chinese! These are the things life is really about…

6. T in the Park

This year I went to my first ever (big) music festival, and I am now completely and utterly hooked. When I think of summer, I think of me and Lucy, a small (and sweaty) tent, amazing music, and dubiously concocted cocktails (anyone for a dark and twisty?) Not that I am wishing my life away, but now Christmas has been and gone, can we have summer please?


7. Some other things hat deserve a mention…

Some months pass by in a blurr of exciting things, and make you forget to take your camera out and take a picture, or even happen so quickly you barely get chance to blog about them. But in some ways that makes them even more special. I performed in Camden before heading to Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where as always I had an amazing, life affirming time. Then of course there was my birthday, and I am happy to say, birthdays, just keep getting better with age. I went to see Clean Bandit perform with the BBC Philharmonic, had my first trip to the Royal Court and ate cake after cake after cake. This year there has been some pretty incredible big events, but in between there have been hundreds of beautiful smaller moments, and in many ways, they are my favourite part of this year.

8. It’s all about the journey…

I couldn’t write a blog post about this year, without once again harping on about my European Train Journey. A holiday on my own, 4 different countries, and 9 days. I had the time of my life, not always in the way I expected but in a way that will stay with me forever. I won’t go into to much detail here, but you can find out more about my time travelling and eating across Europe by reading My Train Diaries.

And there you have it, that’s 2014 in a blog post. What have your highlights for this year been? Has it been one of the best of your life or has it been one of those that you have to chalk up to experience, and be glad it’s over? Before 2015 I will be posting one more review post, looking back at my 2014 resolutions, are you reviewing the year too? Leave a link in the comments below if you are!

Live life & here’s to another year x


4 thoughts on “Goodbye 2014

    • That is so lovely! One of the things I’m proudest of this year, is how I have cultivated my wee blog! I’m dragging my old year/new year posts out through the week, my head is just too full of things to say xx

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