2014 the year that…

101_2555Here we are, New Years eve 2014. I hope you’re all ready to greet 2015 with a smile, and a welcome hug, whether that is accompanied by a drunken kiss at midnight tonight or tomorrow morning, after a quiet night in and a good nights sleep. Tonight I am heading into Manchester, I’ve never really done a big night out on New Years, so I’m a little excited, even if I am still yet to decide what shoes to wear, but before I solve the shoe dilema and say a big hello to 2015 I wanted to post one final goodbye to 2014.

On Monday I posted about all the big events, that made 2014 such a memorable one, today I wanted to talk about how all these things added up, to – and get ready to get cringe – changed me as a person.

I will just pause for that cringe to pass? Ok? Good, moving on…

Back in January, just like everyone else in the western world, I got out my trusty notebook, and scribbled down my new years resolutions and my wildest hopes and dreams for the year. And in my opinion I came up with the most perfect, failsafe resolution probably ever. In 2014 I decided to be more like the person I wanted to be.

You know that image you have of yourself, the ‘in an ideal world’ one? That is the image I decided to work towards.

For me that meant, finding a job, leaving home, getting healthier, being nicer, happier, better, more adventurous.

Come December 31st 2014 am I now the embodiment of that perfect picture person?

No, of course not. But I’m certainly closer to it, than I’ve ever been before. And now here I am in my little flat, with a job I love and preparing for 2015 to be even better, for me to be even better, than 2014.


This year, I proved to myself that if I really want something I will work for it. When I was back home waitressing, I never stopped striving for something more, something better for myself. Of course all this culminated with getting my dream job, a job I didn’t even originally interview for, but one that was obviously meant to be. But before the job offer, there was time spent writing, thinking, looking, trying. And while at times there was also tears, I think that 5 month period, really shaped me as a person, it was time used to reassess, before putting my best foot forward. In truth I think I probably grew up more this year than I had done in the previous 3 or 4 put together.wpid-img_20141001_063121.jpgI’ve spent a lot of time this year, designing the life I want to lead. When I was back home I started looking at what I was eating, reading up n nutrition, shaking off my general ignorance, and putting on a pair of trainers. When I moved to my own flat, I wanted to become a morning person, enjoy quiet mornings on my sofa, writing and easing into the day before work. As the year drew to a close I let these good habits slip a little, but the framework is still in place, and a bit like riding a bike, you never really forget what is truly healthy.


One of the things I am proudest of this year, is this old blog right here. My Morning Monday posts started off as a way to keep myself motivated, and now they are the perfect way of looking at not only how far I’ve come, but how far I could still go! I now feel like I’m really part of a community, I have made friends through this online space of mine, ones I’m starting to meet off screen too, and I’ve even had some of these wonderful amazing bloggers, guest post post here for The Bloggers Food Diary. I’ve learnt about design, code, social media photography and more than anything else about myself. Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m shaping my blog, or if it is shaping me (yup, there’s another cringe).


All in all, I’m very happy with how 2014 has gone. Sure some things have fallen by the wayside, and my standards for myself have had the odd slip, but the point is, now more than ever, I am conscious of these things. I know when I am thriving, what makes me happiest, how I look and feel and act when I am at my best, and I know the steps I have to take to get there. There have been alot of ups to this year, but there has also been a fair few downs. I’ve spent a lot of time feeling lonely, unsure, defeated, and each time I have had to pick myself up and get on with it. I’m a stronger, more confident, and deep down, more settled person than I have ever been been before. Your twenties are tumultuous, and I’m barely even half way through, but I’m gradually getting my sea legs for them. So 2014, thank you, and to me? Well done, good work, now, get back to it.

How has 2014 shaped you?

Live life & say those cringey things every now and then x


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