the year of more…


Happy New Year! How are you finding 2015 so far?

I feel like everybody should just agree to write off January 1st, either because we are all still in bed until the 2nd anyway (as I was – oh the shame) or all the festivities continue and that is hardly the best environment to launch the new you is it?

That is of course, assuming you are the type to make new years resolutions aimed at self improvement. Personally? I am. Of sorts.

Like last year, I’m not going to make a definitive list of goals that I would no doubt fail against, in fact, like last year, I’m pretty much making the same resolution. In fact lets do away with the word ‘resolution’ and lets call it a mindset. To be more like the person I want to be. This year with emphasis on the word more.

I already recapped on Wednesday about how I think I did last year, so I won’t bore you with that again, instead lets look forward. In 2015 I want to, in a nutshell. Do more, read more, see more, learn more, try things more, go more, work more, smile more.

In 2015, I am going to push that little bit further, every time I’m sat on my couch wallowing in self pity, putting off going for a run, or contemplating not going to that thing I said I would then I’m going to remember to take that step further, to be more.

This isn’t about running myself ragged and it certainly isn’t about putting more uneccesarry pressure on myself, because along with doing more, it is also about relaxing more, being more mindful, praising myself more, finding more balance.

The thing with New Years resolutions, the ones that focus on self improvement, also tend to focus on our past failures, nobody makes a resolution unless they think there  is something ‘wrong’ in their lives. And in many ways there is nothing wrong with that, but it does tend to ignore the good building blocks we’ve built ourselves on so far.

So this year, I’m doing more, not because I’ve not done enough in the past, but because I want to keep up the good work. Here is to 2015, the year of more… happiness, goodness, excitement, health, loving and being.

Live life & then live some more x


9 thoughts on “the year of more…

  1. Just to say, I’ve just found your blog and I love it! And I am totally going to steal your resolution of doing more in 2015, that is the perfect way of putting it!

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