morning January…


Morning all! How are you? I’m guessing like me, most of you return to reality today (if you haven’t already). Personally? I’m definitely ready for a bit of routine to return to my life, as gorgeous as the past two weeks have been, there is only so long I can motivate myself for before I need some kind of framework to cling to.

Of course over the festive period I did a lot of thinking, recapping and resolution setting, which all helped with shaking off the rut (and bloggers block) I’d fallen into, and one of the things I’ve decided will help keep me on track with my bigger goal of becoming the person I want to be, is to set myself smaller monthly goals. Hardly revolutionary, I know, but I always love reading other peoples monthly targets, so I thought I would throw mine into the melting pot too.

Without further ado, here are my January goals…

1. Take on Veganuary

Last year I started looking more and more into healthy living, and what the food we put into our body actually does to us. Now as you all know, my addiction to cake survived this, but 6 months ago I went vegetarian, and while my other healthy habits might have slipped by the wayside since moving, I can definitely say being Veggie has made a difference. I’ve been toying with the idea of going Vegan for a while, I’ve done the reading, and it just makes sense to me. So before I commit to a completely new lifestyle, I’m going to give it a try for January. Not a half hearted try, a full on, completely vegan try. Goodbye traditional cake, hello Sweet Potato (brownies). If anyone is interested in eating clean, vegan, or trying new things, I would definitely recommend starting off with the beautiful Hannah’s site, which has a great guide to starting vegan, checking out Clean and Delicous, the Delicously Ella site and app, or if like me you’ve already done the homework, why not sign up to Veganuary too.

2. Stick to my blogging editorial calendar.

I am a very naughty blogger. I basically NEVER plan out my posts in advance, and as for making sure posts are well balanced in content, well they are about as balanced as my cake to sprout raito (they all tilt heavily to the cake side). HOWEVER, my Mum bought me a beautiful weekly planner for Christmas, and it has been dedicated solely to this space of mine. I don’t want to get to preplanned, as I like this space to respond to my life as it happens, but for January I will be sticking to the editorial calendar I’ve planned out. From now on, Monday posts will be where I check in about my life as they always have been, Wednesdays are all about getting topical, and Fridays will be more lifestyle based. Or at least that is the plan, I will let you know at the end of this month how I think it has gone!

3. Get on top of my finances.

Can we all just take a moment, to scream together DAMN YOU DECEMBER. Because my bank account has been singing that particular tune for a couple of weeks now, and it is time to start listening to it. One of the things I’ve been really rubbish at since living alone in my wee flat is keeping an eye on when bills come in and go out. Which generally has been ok, I’m not a reckless spender, however with a very expensive trip back in November followed b Christmas, for the next couple of months, I am going to have to be much more careful and grown up about the whole situation. Not the most exciting of goals, but one that will definitely help me sleep at night.

So there we have it, my bite size, and hopefully totally manageable January goals. Are you setting goals this month, or are you just going hell for fire on your New Years resolutions?

Live life & believe you can x

ps. I guest posted this weekend all about creating your own happiness over at Daydreams of Summertime, if you haven’t already visited Sarah’s gorgeous blog do!


14 thoughts on “morning January…

  1. Yes! I LOVE reading goal posts! This is exactly the way to go about it – setting yourself manageable goals each month that you’ll be really please to achieve. My main goal this year is to up my fitness and eating regimes but I’m doing that based on smaller monthly goals.

    Best of luck doing Veganuary – I’m really excited to see how you get on with that! I also think you’ll find having an editorial calendar really helpful, I know I do 🙂

    Holly xx |

    • Thanks Holly, I know I’ve basically already replied to this in an email, but I am really loving my Editorial calendar, and being vegan. Both give me a really simple framework to live and blog around. Plus I respond well to a good challenge! xx

  2. Good luck with your goals. They all look achievable 🙂

    I’m back at work today but tomorrow is another public holiday in Germany, then I’m at work again on Wednesday. This confuses my brain greatly! I’ll be glad when things get properly back to normal next week!

    • Oh my gosh! That would throw me out cmpletely! I know last week, before New Years Eve I was reading up about health and veganism, and just wanted to get cracking, but ultimately knew I would have to wait till January, and as there was more celebration and over indulging to do first! xx

  3. Great post, good luck with your goals!

    My friend has been looking into clean/vegan eating recently and has watched a lot of documentaries about the food we eat and all of the harmful additives and ingredients we put in our bodies every day from processed food. She’s been telling me all about it and it’s quite scary really. Think I might need to rethink my eating habits too!

    Claire x

    • I started off reading ‘Eat Pretty’ which was a really nice introduction, as it made you think about the effects you can see, so what food does to your skin etc. And now I am reading Skinny Bitch. It is a bit in your face and once you’ve read it, it is knowledge you can’t unknow, but it certainly motivates you! x

  4. Um how delicious does that breakfast look?!

    I really like the idea of mini monthly goals to help stay motivated and it’s something I have been thinking of adopting this year too.

    Thanks for the links about veganuary, I’ve been toying with the idea of veganism for the good part of a year but I want to make sure that I am as prepared as possible, especially as I can’t eat gluten.

    Sam x

    • Sam! Porridge with frozen dark forrest fruits and a teaspoon of cocconut oil mixed into it will change your life!

      Well I’ve only done the vegan thing for 7 days, but because I’m eating more pulses, beans and sweet potato I have also cut out gluten, something I didn’t realise till I read your comment! If you download the delicously Ella app, nearly all her recipes are gluten, dairy and sugar free. xx

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