morning monday… pretty smug…


Good morning everyone how are you this week? I have to say, as much as this may cause several of you to chunder under your breath and curse me, I’m feeling really good.

Yes Christmas feels like FOREVER ago, yes, weekends go too fast, and yes, it is really flipping cold, but I am really running with the momentum of a new year for all it is worth. And those that are around me seem to be doing the same.

This weekend consisted of meeting new people, lazy mornings, classic films that I just did not get, and a bracing 5 mile walk yesterday. I know it is early days, and come mid February I may find myself back in my same old rut, but things just seem better now. A friend the other day said I sounded like I really had things together at the moment, and I feel that way too. Veganuary has caused me to get more inventive in the kitchen, and I’ve unintentionally ended up with a dry January (best way to avoid cheesey pizza cravings) so my bank account doesn’t feel the pinch on a night out, and almost everyone I know has decided this is the year to put themselves out there, so my social calendar, for once isn’t looking too shabby either.

But enough bragging, telling you how not blue I am isn’t going to stop you’re world from looking a bit grey.

I understand if the new year is hitting you hard. If January seems cold not only temperature wise but emotionally too. Perhaps evaluating your life, hasn’t led you to the conclusion that things are pretty good, but instead to a list as long as your arm of things that need to be fixed. When faced with a new year, and the daunting task of wanting to create a new life, the sheer size of the mountain in front of you can seem impossible.

This time last year I was in your shoes, the new year felt bitter sweet, I was excited by the possibility of how much my life might change in the next twelve months but had no idea how to make those possibilities a reality. I don’t have a quick fix solution for you, and I won’t be irritating enough to tell you it’s all about changing your attitude. Because while to some extent that is true, it is also about patience, accepting that you are in for the long haul, looking for the small wins, and taking things at a pace you can manage.

And if you’re not looking for a complete live overhaul, but are running out of steam on that new years resolution then I would say the same to you too.

Don’t try to kill yourself by going to the gym every night this month, just to end up hating every minute of it and to have run yourself into the ground come February. Don’t eat nothing but Salad every day only to find yourself head first in a chocolate cake come the weekend, and don’t expect to have completed your 2015 bucket list by the end of the month.

A metaphor I’m overly fond of, and use far too often is that everyone has their own mountain to climb, and I believe that the most fulfilling life you can lead is one where you never stop climbing. Perhaps you reach your goal quicker than you expected to, and use that momentum to push yourself onto dizzier heights, or perhaps for a while the pace is slow and steady, but as long as you keep looking up and are ready to take the next step, then it is ok to stop and catch your breath once in a while.

And remember even the strongest climbers, get blisters.

Live life & invest in some good hiking boots x

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