routine exercise…


Happy Wednesday folks, how are you? Today I thought I would give you all a little bit of an update on my thoughts and plans for this wee space of mine.

As I said in my January Goals, this month I am trying out, and trying to stick to an editorial calendar. This was a result of several factors

  1. Coming down with a particularly bad bout of writers block at the end of last year, made me realise that for a couple of months I had felt my content was beginning to get a bit stale.
  2. Which meant I then did a lot of thinking about why I started this blog in the first place, what the space had come to mean to me, and what it really is that I want to be writing about on here.
  3. And lastly, but definitely by no means least, my mum bought me a really pretty weekly planner, for Christmas, which she thought would be helpful for this space. Not only was it pretty stationery (which, obviously we all love) but Mamma J taking an interest in this made me realise that it really has become part of my life.

I decided that posting three times a week is enough for me, I’m always wowed by those bloggers who post every day, but my writing style and habits just doesn’t lend itself to that, and I never want this to feel like a chore.

I then looked at little closely at what I was posting when. It had all gotten a little bit same old same old, I felt like each week I was sharing the same thoughts, and I had long ago neglected my ‘categories.’ I needed some sort of structure, even if I’m not willing to limit myself to only posting on a,b and c. Instead I asked myself what are the types of things I feel need to be discussed, what is it I want to share with people, and what things make up my life. Of course there was tea and theatre, but also body confidence and food has become a big thing for me, and I also want to dedicate a bit more space to theatre and the books I’m reading, as well as the odd post on my very little knowledge of love.

Breaking this down, I simplified it to the following:

Mondays will still be my usual Morning Monday posts, this will be where I check in with you all, about what I’m up to at the moment and how I am feeling. I’ve always loved having this space to track where I’ve been and more importantly where I am going, and I felt it was important that this space still felt very much mine, and personal. I want people reading this to know who I am.

Wednesday’s will be more topical. This is when I will post on more concrete themes. Health, body confidence, dating, feminism, careers, all the big issues I feel are important will pop up here. Just at present Wednesdays really focus on me trying out veganism, because that is such a huge part of my life, but generally speaking, these posts will be in response to something, whether that is a news story, a hot topic, or just the way I am feeling.

And Fridays will be more lifestyle based. I want to get back into featuring my favourite spots for tea, writing about the theatre I’ve seen (and maybe even made myself), the people I have met, and new for this year, chatting about the books I’m reading. When I looked at this space and the parts of my life it wasn’t representing properly, books and theatre were high up on the list. I want to talk about these things, not just in terms of being part of my work, but because I wouldn’t work in them if I didn’t love them so much. I want my blog to reflect that.

And that, in a nutshell is it, one day I might change the menu at the top of the page but for now I’m just seeing how it goes for a month.

I, like most of us in the blogging community, have read a lot of how to posts and books, and while I think all of this information and advice is helpful, it is important not to see it as a set formula. I know my posts are probably too long, and I don’t make my titles seo compatible, and I certainly don’t make the most of social media, but when it comes down to it, those things just don’t make it onto my priority list.

This space has always been very personal to me, and I hope whoever reads that can tell. I always want to show who I am and what my life and head is like in the most honest way possible. Even if that is in posts that are about 300 words longer than the books tell you they should be.

Live life & blog the way you want x

ps. having an editorial calendar is all well and good but I still ended up writing this on my lunch break!


11 thoughts on “routine exercise…

  1. Couldn’t agree more with this, I get a bit sick of all the blogging ‘rules’ at the end of the day our blogs are very perosnal to each of us and bloggers should blog in whatever way works for them! I have been feeling like my blog is getting a bit same old, same old too lately, so I going to try and write more topical posts over the next few weeks. Hope you are having a great week! xxx

    • I think I need to get back into what I used to do, which was spend days writing more topical posts and store them away, ready to publish when it felt right.

      A lot of the time, I want to be honest on here, but because things have only just happened, like with break ups and stuff, I write them there and then, and then wait until I’m ready to put it out there.

      It is a fine balancing act between being honest and not putting it all out there when sometimes it can be a bit raw xx

  2. I really like this and how you have highlighted that there is no real rule for when bloggers should be posting. I have previously been snubbed for being ‘unpredictable’ with when I post. Sometimes I post 4 days in a row, where as other times I can go 4 days without posting. I just shrugged it off and kept telling myself that my blog is MY space and nobody else should really be commandeering it. If I feel like I have a lot to talk about this week and not so much the next. Then I will post until my heart’s content and ignore what anyone else thinks 🙂 xx

    • PS. That glass apple bowl is such a blast from my past. My mum had these when I was growing up and I used to love getting desserts in it after my dinner 😀 x

      • I would never comment on somebody else’s habits, you never know what is going on behind the computer screen that might have to take priority!

        I love my glass apple bowls, they are normally full of needles, and keys and other bits that I can’t be bothered to find a real home for! xx

  3. Live life and blog the way you want isn’t something you hear everyday. The web is full of posts on how to blog that sometimes we can forget that we simply just love it. I’m looking forward to your new posts this year, your blog is firmly on my favourites list x

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