morning Monday… guilt free


Morning everyone how are you?

So typically after having posted last Wednesday about my new blogging routines I suffered from computer issues and missed Friday’s post! But I’m not going to feel guilty about it.

Because this year I have decided to remove the word guilt and all it’s residing bitter feelings from my life.

I spoke to a very close friend recently. The type of friend who gets what I am saying because they’ve been there too. And I told him all about the new attitude I’m trying to adopt, the changes I want to make and all the dark and twisty things that had been inside my head towards the end of last year. And he listened and he understood, and he knew there was no miracle cure and he said “I think you just need to stop being so hard on yourself.”

No miracle cure but those words could not have been truer.

We all have things about ourselves we’d like to change but we shouldn’t feel guilty about them. Our worst bits and bad habits are just a big a part of us as the good bits are. They are the bits that push us further that make us human. If we all woke up perfect tomorrow what would we do with ourselves???

Recently I’ve been indulging in a few guilt free pleasures. One too many soya lattes, another slice of vegan chocolate cake, spending money that should probably be put to one side on going to see friends, and in doing so I’ve lived far more happily than I would have done if I’d played it perfect.

And this week I intend to do the same. Because Guilt is a big feeling, don’t waste it on the little things.

Live life & don’t be so hard on yourself x


9 thoughts on “morning Monday… guilt free

  1. Guilttripping myself is one of my biggest bad habits! I honestly feel guilty for just about anything. Even the fact I know I make myself feel guilty about stuff, I feel guilty about that! Yeah.. It’s a toughie!

    • I ad got into a really genuinely quite scary place with it last year, something that I am only realising the more distance I put between where I am now, and where I was.

      It is so hard, I would say nearly everyone I know through blogging are real go getters. We can’t keep still, hence why we take up such a time consuming hobby, but that constant stride to ‘do better’ can sometimes turn negative.

      It’s all about balance and keeping it in check xx

  2. Like most of your posts Stephie, this came around at the perfect time for me. I can be quite picky about silly things and yesterday I just thought, why are you doing this you silly woman! Nobody is perfect. Like you said, what would we do if we all were?

    I’m trying to learn how to let go of things and take a more casual, laid back stance – not too much, but just so there’s enough of a balance. Like you, I’m not giving into the guilt and if I want to treat myself I’ll just go ahead and do it!

    Holly |

    • It is so hard, I know that like me, you’re constantly striving forwards with one project or another and we both go mental if we don’t have those projects in place.

      It is always that line between ‘I want to improve’ and ‘I’m not good enough.’ Remembering that thinking the first one actually makes us feel good and motivated where as the later is actually detrimental is the tricky part!

      Plus unfortunately, it can take a bit of time before having a positive mental attitude actually makes you feel positive! But that is probably a post all in itself! xx

  3. Oh I think that is just lovely advice and I often have to tell myself the same thing. It’s odd because I am rarely hard on others and yet I seem to be so good at doing that to myself. Enjoy your extra soy latte!

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