it certainly wasn’t summertime or how to forget your meant to be bloggers…


What happens when two bloggers who both LOVE tea, meet in a freezing cold Manchester and spend the afternoon sat in artisan tea shops?

They completely and utterly forget to be bloggers, and take one measly photo all afternoon.

At least that is what they do, if those bloggers happen to be Sarah from Daydreams of Summertime and myself. I’m sure others would have had an instagram feed to die for by the end of the day, but I had a sore throat from laughing and yabbering on too much and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

If you’ve read this space for a while, or glimpsed over in my sidebar, you’ll have probably realised I’m a big fan of Sarah’s blog. Like Holly, Sarah was one of the first bloggers I felt like I had really become friends with through our own virtual homes. And like when I met Holly, I was very excited to finally be seeing Sarah offline.

And once that awkward moment of ‘is that her, I think that’s her, yes that’s definitely her Boden scarf’ had passed it quickly felt like we’d grabbed tea together a hundred times before. We headed over to one of my favourites, Teacup, for some lunch and a brew.

I have to say the vegan options in Teacup for food, aren’t great, and if I had thought about it in advance I should have realised that that cake stand would have been torture, but I survived, and I had my first awkward ‘are there any vegan options’ conversation. In fact through out the day I asked this several times.

Sarah had a rosebud tea, and I had the Vanilla Cacao, and the service as always was impeccable, plus for a Saturday afternoon we didn’t have to wait too long to get a table. Then we braved the cold for all of about 10 minutes before giving up on my hunt for new tights, and headed to Tea 4/2 instead. This is just on the edge of the Northern Quarter opposite the Arndale centre and has caught my eye a few times, but I’m sort of sorry to say, it didn’t exactly live up to expectation.

However the tea list was incredibly impressive, and the design choice to hang giant changing faces over the walls led to much distracted conversation, so I won’t go into too may negatives.

Because tea was, in reality, a very small part of the afternoon. What was much more important was the conversation.

It was really nice, to get into an in depth conversation about blogging. When I’m not on this virtual space of mine, or reading my bloglovin feed, I remember that while there are thousands upon thousands of us bloggers out there, we are still relatively niche. My parents don’t understand blogging, my friends get fed up of my constant photo snapping, and I still feel a little awkward saying ‘I have this blog…’ It’s an online thing and sometimes, because of it’s virtual nature, it feels very separate to my real world life. But more and more that is changing.

Now that we’re all grown up, making friends isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Partly because, well films lied to us, you don’t meet new people all that often, and partly because as you grow up you realise how few people are your kind. Having this conversation with Sarah, made me realise that in a lot of ways, blogging is just a way of bridging that gap. You can read a blog, and see a personality, in a way that you can’t by bumping into some one in the street.

Saturday was the first time I met Sarah, and we yabbered on for hours, and it only confirmed what I already knew. Sarah is definitely someone I would consider to be a friend. And not many hobbies lead to that conclusion after only one cup of tea!

It has also inspired me to get more involved with the blogging community. I’ve never been to a bloggers meet up, but I would love to go, and I really feel like there are a circle of bloggers, in particular that I feel part of a gang with. So basically I am putting it out there.

As if you didn’t already know, I’m open to a cup of tea, if anyone is offering!

Live life & don’t be afraid to ask ‘can we be friends’ x


17 thoughts on “it certainly wasn’t summertime or how to forget your meant to be bloggers…

      • sometimes I do think it’s better to focus on just the moment though, and not just “we need to make sure we document this for the blog” kind of thing.. It’s not good to let the blog become the top priority when it comes to friendships, even if it’s the blogging that brought you together

      • I couldn’t agree more, I’ve found myself in places and cafes and things, not necessarily enjoying it but getting my phone out and thinking ‘oooo this will make a good photo.’

        Check yourself before you, er, blog yourself? xx

  1. I am terrible at rememebering to take pictures for my blog. In fact, most of the time I forget to even take my camera (and I don’t have the kind of phone that takes useable photos).

    • Ever since moving I have found, that the people I know through blogging have been the most constant interaction and friendships I’ve had. Because we all post so regularly and keep in touch with one another in a way that is much more indepth that a facebook update or a text message does! xx

  2. I think it’s fantastic that you are able to meet people through the blogging community. I have to say it has definitely opened my mind and hear to others I would never have the chance to meet. When I received a post card from a blogger friend in Australia, I knew I was so blessed to be apart of this blog community. I used to be very private and keep it to myself. Sneak pictures even. As I grow that part of me slips away and I’m happy to say I’ve come out of my shell. Blogging is such an excellent outlet for expression. Not everyone has to understand it. (: I’ve found your blog such lovely read lately. (:

    • Thank you so much Kiki, and I couldn’t agree more! The more confident I am about who I am on here, the more confident I am in myself offline too! This space gives me that room to try expressing those ideas and thoughts I wouldn’t be upfront enough to admit face to face, and everytime somebody comments or agrees on here, the more I feel like having such open conversations with the people I see everyday xx

  3. It was so lovely to meet you – we should arrange another meet up soon, it was so much fun! I think it is a sign of a good time had when there are no photo’s! I am still having nightmares about those bloody faces though ;). Have a great weekend lovely! xxx

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