morning Monday… small tweaks…


Morning everyone! Did you have a lovely weekend? Mine consisted of a very long, very cold work day on Saturday, and life administration on Sunday, gratefully interrupted by a friend coming for lunch.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like life has returned to it’s usual pace now. No longer is anyone asking if you had a nice Christmas, and the momentum of a new year has rolled on to flatter ground, and is now moving at a pace that we can all keep up with. Perhaps at times, is even a little frustratingly slow?

I’ve definitely felt all that ‘newness’ settle this week. Veganuary now just feels like something I do, I am in fact a vegan. My blogging routine, although interrupted by computer glitches, is back to where I like it to be, and all those things on my to do list are gradually being ticked off. Not with the same vigour as they were at the beginning of this cold month but scratched off none the less.

And this is where I realise, that I may never be satisfied.

At the beginning of this month, I wanted nothing more but to set myself up new, happy, healthy routines, and now I have them, now that they aren’t shiny or new, but are in fact routine, well I’m a little afraid they will soon start to feel stale. I know there is no pleasing some folk is there?

But one thing this new year has proved to me is that change can be easy, and that changes don’t need to be big to make a difference. Coming in from work on an evening and dancing around for half an hour while tidying the flat, was never going to be a life long dream come true, but it sure helps shake off work, and get me ready for dinner. My wardrobe collapsing under the weight of all my clothes, was a change the universe forced upon me, and now my wardrobe is rearranged to encourage me to where those clothes I normally neglect, and yes there is a huge pile waiting for the charity shop. And spending my lunch break emailing you lovely readers and bloggers instead of just trawling my bloglovin feed, brightens up my day no end. So as well as concentrating on my monthly goals, every now and then I’m going to look at tweaking the smaller things in my day. Remembering to always look to make life a little more lived.

Live life & remember the odd tweak here and there can make the world of difference x

7 thoughts on “morning Monday… small tweaks…

  1. I completely agree! As though little tweaks and resolutions become a way of life they can start to feel stale but how amazing is it that you have been able to create these new routines. I love routine but I always really struggle to adapt it and fit in new things. Thanks for your lovely lunch emails, I have really enjoyed connecting with you.

    • I think it has just been a long month, and as much as my new routines have changed my daily outlook, I’m growing tired of dark nights! I’m sat with another mug of vegan cocoa, and another episode of Mr Selfridge and as relaxing as it is, I’m dying to be able to get out on an evening!

  2. Those kinds of teeny changes are the best way of really changing your little world. I’m trying to cut down on my sugar intake and just saying no to a biscuit with every cuppa is already making a difference and spurring me on to keep going! This was such a happy sounding post, fingers crossed your little tweaks don’t become stale too quickly.
    M x

    • Thank you Michelle! And good luck with cutting down the sugar! When it comes to eating, I’ve realised I’m an all or nothing kind of girl, which is why veganism has been working so well for me. I respond very well to a clear set of rules, but admire anyone who has will power to just say no xx

    • You’re welcome Vivian! Glad I could help! Good luck for Monday, you adapt to working life so quickly, and if you like a good structure and setting yourself up a routine I’m sure you will be thriving in no time! But don’t forget to take a rest when you need it, working weeks can come as a bit of a shock at first! xx

    • Thank you Vivian, I’m glad I could help! Good luck and congratulations for Monday. If you’re anything like me and love setting yourself a routine, I’m sure you will be thriving in no time! Just be sure to give yourself a well deserved rest too, those working days can come as a bit of a shock at first xx

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