morning February…


Morning all! How are you? As much as I enjoyed January, what with the snow and the generally blue feeling others seemed to have, I did feel it was beginning to drag, so I welcome February with open arms! Plus February is a short month, and then it is March which means Spring, and I am also very much ready for that!

How did you do with January? Stick to your new years resolutions and goals? Before I move on to what I want to focus on this month, I thought I had better do a quick recap of January’s goals…

1. Take on Veganuary – well if you’ve popped by this space, or over on my Instagram, any time in the last month, you might have gathered that I completely and utterly LOVED being vegan. So much so I have decided to keep at it, so this is it, I’m coming out as a vegan right here to you ladies and gentleman. I feel brighter and healthier, and while one or two of the super good habits began to waver towards the end of the month, I am confident I can kick them back into shape.

2. Stick to my Blogging Editorial Calendar – Done! Hurrah! Except for one wee technical glitch, I very much stuck to my calendar and definitely felt it did me and this space the world of good, something else I shall be adopting permanently! Although – I wasn’t quite so good at sticking to my social media plans, so there is always room for improvement!

3. Sort out my finances – Of the three this is definitely my least completed goal, but I did do my tax return (big relief) and I did sort out my utilities bills, and the credit card statement is gradually going down, in very pleasing chunks. So consider this a work in progress, one that starts with that credit card bill and ends with a savings account.

All in all, I’m really pleased with January, and I felt such an improvement in my general self. The goals I set in January have very much become ‘just something I do’ and I hope to do the same with my February goals, which are…

1. Make the most of the mornings…

I know in my life simply post for January, I was revelling in lazy mornings, but getting out of bed waaaay after the alarm, isn’t all that good for getting stuff done! When I first moved to Blackburn I very nearly became a morning person and I really loved, slower paced mornings, with an early start, a good stretch and a better breakfast. It really made the world of difference to my mind set and while the summer months definitely made this a little easier, I want to start putting some of this routine back into my life. So this month I’m setting myself the challenge of waking no later than 7.30 on a weekday and 8.30 on a weekend. In the grand scheme of things, that isn’t all that early, and I can tell it will make the world of difference.

2. Regular exercise…

Now I feel like I have my eating habits under control and have finally got something resembling body confidence back (thank you veganism) it is time to sort out some sort of routine in my fitness. Because I didn’t want to put too much pressure on myself in January, after months of being all or nothing (something I wouldn’t recommend) I decided to just let exercise happen when it happened. Long walks, hours dancing, a fitness video on youtube, and I refused to feel guilty about how much or little I was doing. Which was grand, but I am itching for longer days so I can get out running again, and when they finally arrive I don’t want to be back at square one with my fitness levels. I’m not giving myself any strict rules on this one, but it is definitely something I want to give the same focus I gave food last month.

3. Get casually creative…

Remember when I used to spend hours on my own in a cafe with just my notebook for company scribbling away children’s stories, and ideas for new art projects and plans for my next solo show? I barely do, it seems such a distant memory! This month I want to correct that, I want to inject some creativity into my life outside of work and this blog. My notebook is taking back it’s prime spot in all my bags, and I’m going to mark out one evening or afternoon a week, for just me and my arty ways to get back together.

And that’s it, 3 more things I want to add to the building blocks of my castle. Things that I already know make me happier and healthier, but for some unbeknownst reason I have let fall by the wayside recently. How about you? Did you leave resolutions with Blue Monday or are you about to embark on February with the same energy you gave the new year?

Live life & do whatever you need to to thrive x

13 thoughts on “morning February…

    • There is this amazing veggie/vegan cafe in Manchester called Green’s and it is so popular with EVERYONE! I went at the beginning of January and had the best Chocolate Pot I’ve ever had! And it was entirely vegan – even the delicious ice cream xx

    • I am feeling a little bit like a ninja just recently! I just really want to keep the momentum going. I started last year much the same, but moving cities, and starting a new job, really interrupted my flow, and I just never got back on track from that! This year though, I should be staying put for the next 11 months, so no excuses!

  1. Congrats on becoming vegan! I’m technically a pescetarian but I eat vegan quite a lot, and I agree that it makes you feel really healthy and energetic 🙂 I feel the same about February. January is so long and dreary, but now that it’s February it feels like spring is not that far off! I hope you’ll have a great month, and good luck with all your goals!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

    • Thank you Mimmi! This weekend I had a bit of a revelation about why put something in your body that is basically a poison? I’ve even fallen out with Gin because of it!

      Spring is around the corner, I could tell in the sunrise this morning xx

  2. I’m so glad that being vegan was a positive experience for you and you plan to keep at it. I love it when someone finds a lifestyle that really works for them. Something I’m still working on. Completely relate to the money stuff by the way, my credit card bill needs to go away!

    • Oh my gosh, why is it so easy to justify spending??? I’ve massively cut down on buying clothes etc. but I just can’t deny myself a coffee/meal with friends! Those things are good for the soul xx

  3. Great goals! I too am trying to make new goals every month, rather than just make a huge impossible list on New Year’s Day! January I tried the getting up earlier thing for one of my January goals, and it really has made me more relaxed and more productive. The best thing I found was having a really good bedtime routine made it easier to get up in the morning – very boring I know, but I got into an old lady like routine of having baths and drinking lavender tea in bed and it was just lovely 🙂 This month I am going to try healthy eating…your post is making me think maybe I should try vegan-ebruary… doesn’t have quite the same ring to it! Good luck with your goals this month! x

    • Veguary? If you are interested in finding out more about Veganism/what we eat, I would reccomend reading ‘Eat Pretty’ and ‘Skinny Bitch’ I spent most of last year reading up on stuff before putting it into practice!

      I definitely need a better bed time routine, that is sort of an unspoken goal that goes with the morning one. I’ve started journaling more and more, and I find that really helps me to switch off, with hot water and lemon, and then a chapter of a book, if I need an extra half an hour xx

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