the diet debate…

Happy Wednesday everyone, how is your week going?

Today I want to talk about the ‘d’ word. In as open and honest, and as encouragingly of a healthy lifestyle, as I can.

January, for many people, including me, gives people that momentum to take steps to change the things in our lives we’re not happy with. For one reason or another, unfortunately, for (too) many people that change is to do with the way we look. You guys know, as much as I do, that that is a change I have struggled with my fair share. You will also know that I am a huge advocate that when it comes to body confidence, the change we have to make isn’t always to the number on the scales but to our mindset.

As a rule, I’m not a fan of the word diet, at least not of the definition, we all hear, when some one says ‘I’m going on a diet.’ When we hear the word diet we hear ‘I’m going to restrict what foods I eat in order to loose weight.’ When we hear the word diet, we hear the end goal, before we think about the process. Loose weight = less weight = less food. And no, I don’t think that is the answer, not to a sustainable lifestyle, not to happiness and certainly not to that magical end goal, body confidence.

However, the word ‘diet’ is getting an unfair bashing here. And going on a diet, is very different to changing your diet. I know, I have done both.

This last month I have read a lot of posts talking about goals and aspirations for 2015, and I have read just as many posts triumphantly stating that they don’t believe in resolutions. I’m not here to say that either of those camps is wrong. Yes you can make a change to your life any day of the year, but sometimes, it is nice to have a clean slate, and because actually, at least if you are jumping on a band wagon, you’re not the only one in the car hoping to make that change.

I worry that with so many negative posts about ‘diets’ that we put people off making a change. First we fill peoples heads with a thousand quick fix solutions, that all seem to contradict one another, high carb low fat, high fat low carb, and then we turn around and tell them not to worry, because none of them work anyway. Oh and why are you doing it in January? Don’t you know New Years resolutions never stick? You’ll only be back to where you started, if not worse, come Easter.

And people don’t need to hear that.

If some one is looking at their life, and looking to make a change that will make them a happier, healthier, human being, shouldn’t we applaud that? Shouldn’t we help them find the solution that is right for them? The diet that isn’t a quick fix but a way of life? Because while, loosing weight, may not solve all their body confidence issues, it might just be a start?

What makes me so sure? Because going on a diet, ruined my self esteem, but changing my diet has started putting those broken pieces back together again.

The fact is if you’re healthier, you can make a start to see things a little clearer. Maybe this clarity will lead you to standing in front of a mirror 5 days out of 7 and liking what you see, and hey that is a start, you can work on the other two. Maybe that clarity will make you realise, that your problems run much deeper, and that actually you need to speak to a professional and that  too, is a change for the better, even if it isn’t the immediate solution you were hoping for. Getting healthy and getting happy take time. They are something we have to practice at. But luckily, practice makes perfect.

Nobody needs to go on a diet, but many of us might need to change our diet, and that subtle difference in wording can make a huge difference to somebody’s life. So if you’re reading this, and you’re currently trying to find your own definition for the ‘d’ word, please make sure it is a healthy one, one that still gives your body everything you need to thrive, and if it feels like it is just taking too darn long, remember, once you make the right changes, you have the rest of your life to reap the benefits.

Live life & really think about what the word diet means to you x

ps. Because me and my friend Hannah are essentially the same person, she also published a post about taking on a healthy diet this week, and I HIGHLY recommend reading it, she is much wiser, and structured in her arguments than I am – Have you forgotten how to eat?

6 thoughts on “the diet debate…

  1. Brilliant post! I was basically nodding in agreement all the way through. I definitely think that changing your general diet and your lifestyle (even just slightly) is the way to go, rather than going on a harsh diet. I found myself being more and more unhealthy towards the end of last year, especially during Christmas, and I’m now working towards being healthier again, because I know it makes me feel more energised, happy and confident.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

    • Glad you agree Mimmi! I always worry with posts that involve the word ‘diet’ because I find the relationship we each have to food is so personal, that it could be easy to step on a ‘hot’ topic unintentionally! Best of luck with your healthy lifestyle xx

  2. Finally someone has said it! I’m also starting a much healthier lifestyle, but there’s this girl in school that actually only eats a meal a day and drinks 6 liters of water per day just so she can lose weight. I’m just like, “That’s not how it’s supposed to work, right?” Completely agree with this post. Thanks for sharing! Xoxoxo


    • That definitely isn’t how it works, your body needs fuel to function, and that girl is denying it that basic need. Something which is no healthier than eating nothing but McDonalds. I hope that girl gets the help she needs soon, and I am sure that you can have a much more positive influence on those around you. When you eat healthy you begin to thrive, and that is what people really want xx

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