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Hurrah it’s Friday! How’s the weekend looking? I’m heading home to do a spot of children’s storytelling and see the family, so that will be a nice break from the usual! Speaking of breaks from the usual, today I have a review for you!  When Vegan Cuts, heard I was taking part in Veganuary they very kindly offered to send me a free box of vegan snacks, which of course I couldn’t turn down. I know it has been a bit of vegan/diet heavy week here on TIYT, and I want to say thanks to everyone who has been so encouraging with your comments, obviously this is all very new and exciting to me, but next week I promise to blog about something else!

Snacks is something I haven’t exactly missed since turning vegan, but definitely get jealous when I got to the shop and see the just the sheer amount of choice for none vegan eaters! Of course, 9 times out of 10, now I’d actually rather have an apple than any of your usual convenient snack food suspects, but still, options would be nice.

Vegan Cuts are an american based company, so the box took a while to arrive, but that was ok, I was sent my tracking number so I knew where it was every step of the way, something I always get a bit nervy about when ordering things online from overseas.


When it did arrive, I was really pleased with the sheer range of different products they had packed in. All 100% vegan! Something sweet, something savoury, and something to supplement your health with, and as a new vegan it was really great to get tasters of so many things I had been meaning to try anyway, without having to source them all for myself!

Here’s what I thought of each individual snack, with some slightly dodgier photos than I would have hoped!


The Sweet Stuff…

I’m a girl with a sweet tooth, we already knew this, so I was most excited about the sweet treats that the box had to offer. Inside there were three different fruit bars for me to nibble on. My favourite by far was the SKOUT bar which was an organic trail mix bar, and chocolate and coconut flavoured. It reminded me of a naked bar, but bigger, and really tasted like chocolate. I would definitely pick one of these up again if I came across them.

The second was the Go Raw – Organice Real Live Apricot Bar, the taste of this was good, and I really liked that it contained so many things that I know are good for me, but usually struggle to add into my diet, such as flax and seasame seeds. Unfortunately though, the texture left a lot to be desired. It was really really tough, and it kind of made my jaw hurt, which is a shame because like I said, it does get bonus points for ingreeedients and taste, but I just wouldn’t buy it again.

Finally we had the Rawr Bar in Berry Kale flavour. This was packaged a bit like a kids treat, and I really really wanted to like it, just to prove my colleague wrong if nothing else. He took one look at it and said ‘Vegan snack or floor tile’ and I HATE to say this, but I think he might have had a point. The texture and the taste were both so odd, definitely not my cup of tea I’m afraid! And I KNOW vegan snacks don’t have to play up to that stereotype!


The Savoury…

To my surprise, the savoury nibbles in the January box, really were the champions! There were two bags of crispy nibbles, the Mediterranean Snacks Rosemary Baked Lentil Chips and the ProTings Lime and Chilli protein bites. Personally I preferred the Rosemary Lentil chips but I served both to a group of none vegan friends, and the general consensus was that both were amazing, on their own and with dips. The best thing? Nobody moaned that they were eating vegan snacks, and actually everyone said, they preferred these to your usual crisps and chips! Hurrah! I will definitely be looking out for both of these in the UK!


Something for breakfast…

This month’s box came with two squeezy smoothie packs. The Fruigees 24 Carrot Orange and the Munk Pack Blueberry and Oatmeal pack. Both of which were initially a bit odd, especially if you’re not used to oats in a smoothie! But once you got over that first sip they were both really nice. The 24 Carrot Orange pouch reminded me of ice lollies from when I was a kid, and if you kept it really cold was a bit like a sorbet, where as the blueberry pouch was a great way to pack in a breakfast when I was late one morning.

There was also a sample size packet of Bob’s Red Mill, wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, whole grain apple and blueberry granola (how’s that for a title?). As far as cereals go this was pretty standard, and a little too sweet for my breakfast tastes, but I’m a big fan of a bowl of cereal on an evening (even though I know it isn’t THAT great for me) and this certainly filled that craving. I probably wouldn’t buy a box though, just because there are other granola style cereals that I prefer, and can actually get in my local supermarket, like the Eat Natural Buckwheat Granola.


Potions and powders…

Of everything in the box, I was most intrigued by the supplements, powders and potions. Now, I’ve done a lot of reading, and I figure that 95% of the time, I can get everything I need from my veggies, and nuts and pulses and what have you. But a little helping hand is always welcome so I was fully prepared to be impressed by the miracle these powders and packets were going to provide me with, but sadly I was left underwhelmed.

The first one I tried was the protein super food cocktail powder from Athletic Greens, that you just add to cold water, and is apparently best drunk first thing on a morning. I’m sorry to say I managed one measely sip and no more, and a friend of mine who took the second packet didn’t do much better. It wasn’t the sludge green that put me off, but the weird artificial tropical taste. It just left me more resolute that if I want my fix of superfood, protein I will just munch down some Kale.

Next up I tried the Hemp Pro, plant based protein powders. This months box came with two different flavours, Vanilla and Chocolate. Thankfully, these were much more agreeable. I prefered the Chocolate to the vanilla, and both have an earthy/malty taste so like you find with a lot of vegan alternative, don’t expect it to taste like say, a traditional hot chocolate. Having said that I quite liked these, and as an extra kick of protein they did their job, in a none offensive way.

Lastly we had the Sant Dried Superfood that you popped into water, to infuse. These were chunks of dried superfruit that when put in hot water tasted like your usual fruity herbal tea, but with an extra boost of vitamins. It would have been nice to know which supefruit I was drinking exactly but I did enjoy this, it was refreshing and just as nice cold as it was warm.

Over all, these aren’t glowing reviews of the individual products, but that wouldn’t put me off ordering a snack box, as of course, each month it’s a different selection of treats (and you get between 7-9 of them) and like I said at the beginning, especially as a new vegan it is great to explore and experiment, and just find out what is available. Plus most of this stuff is gluten free as well, which I know a few of you have been asking about.

Vegan Cuts are American based though, and while the box itself is only $19.95 (for a monthly subscription, which you can stop at any time), and shipping in the US is free, overseas it is quite pricey, and unfortunately for now I just can’t justify that. But it has encouraged me to go and find a good whole foods store, and be a bit more adventurous with my snacks. Finally, I would just like to say a massive thank you, to Vegan Cuts for my complimentary box, hopefully there will be UK branch soon!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, live life & eat an unusual snack every now and then x

Find out more about Vegan Cuts, who also do a monthly cruelty free beauty box at:

[Website] [Twitter] [Instagram] [Facebook]


5 thoughts on “review: vegan cuts snack box…

  1. This really looks like a great box and a wonderful selection of stuff! I feel like I do pretty well with cooking vegan meals but snacks are something I struggle with. I need to check out if they will ship to Canada and what the prices are!

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket

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